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After reading a few tweets from members of the cast, I got a little nervous that one of my favorite TV shows, Entourage  may not actually make not actually be able to get it’s act together to make the highly anticipated follow up motion picture.  However after reading the following story from TMZ and BuzzFeed (see below), I called a friend who works with the creator of Entourage and got told not to worry the film will be moving forward this winter.

One word of advice though Vinny Chase… you’re the ONLY one of the bunch with a non-career since the show ended… maybbeeee you should worry a little less about the equality of family and a little more about how you’re going to pay your rent next month.  Sign the damn papers and give the people what they want!


There has been a sudden rise in Entourage agita in recent days. But maybe, like Adrian Grenier says, it has all worked out in the end?


Backing up: The screenplay, by the HBO show’s creator, Doug Ellin, was completed more than a year ago. Then last week, Mark Wahlberg, the show’s executive producer and inspiration, said to a member of the paparazzi that the movie will happen when some of the cast stop “being so greedy.” That followed a report inPage Six last month that while a number of the actors have signed on, star Adrian Grenier and co-star Jerry Ferrara (who played Turtle) had not.

Then Adrian Grenier posted the — very earnest, very Vince Chase — statement above to his Instagram showing off some good Photoshop skills. Was he suggesting that he hadn’t signed on because Ferrara, the other hold out, is being shafted? For his part, Ferrara told TMZ, “I’d do it for free.”

Representatives for Grenier, Ferrara, and Ellin did not respond to requests for a comment. Warner Bros. does not comment about movies in development.

For those who actually want an Entourage movie, Kevin Connolly, who played E, seems to think everything will be fine. “Everybody’s in line,” he told TMZ today. “January we’re gonna do it.” (He then adds that it’s “not official, but it will be.”)

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