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This year’s Heisman race is about as interesting as it’s been in recent years.  What has become really just an award for the best QB in the nation (which thanks to Jadaveon’s “Clown”y like performance this year will remain this way), has some interesting storylines playing out infront of us.   It’s no longer necessary to go undefeated to win the award (see RGIII and Tebow), it’s not about being the best NFL prospect (See Matt Leinart), it doesn’t even matter if you’re a freshman (See Johnny Football).  But what’s not clear is what is the Heisman trust really looking for in it’s champion?  Is it about stats?  Wins?  Signature Heisman moments?  Or leadership traits?  Fact is in today’s over-hyped 24/7 media world, it seems like it’s just the person who gets the most press.  Cam Newton won the Heisman despite scandal rumors that far exceeded the violations that forced Reggie Bush to vacate his trophy.  Johnny Football may win OR lose his second Heisman based not on his stats, but based purely on the press cloud that has swirled around him since hoisting the trophy last winter.  It shouldn’t be about how much we like a candidate, it should be about what the real facts are surrounding their play on the field.

With that being said here is the Jones and B “Heisman Watch”; a top 5 list that we’ll update each week, and try and give a little insight into why these players really deserve to win the most prestigious award in all of sports.

Mike Evans,Jonathon Mincy

5. Mike Evans – WR Texas A&M                 43 Rec   1024 yds   25.3 Avg   9 TD’s

Mike Evans may be the most dominant college receiver we’ve seen in 10 years, since Larry Fitzgerald put up 1700 yards and 22TD’s in 2003.  Even Megatron’s best season was only fractionally better than Mike Evan’s stats…. IF THE SEASON ENDED TODAY!  Evans is on pace to put up almost 2,000 yards on a team with really not one other single receiving threat.  He is Johnny Manzeil’s first option, second option, saftey valve, and hell he’s probably Johnny Football’s fluffer at the sorority houses in College Station.  The guy is an absolute beast, and more than likely the best pro prospect on this list, and he’s only a sophomore.  Oh and did we mention he put up nearly 300 yards on Alabama??? The only thing hurting him… he plays with the guy who’s number 3 on our list.


4. AJ McCarron – QB Alabama                    1587 Yds    15 TD’s    3 Int     69.7 Comp %    78.8 QBR

This is one of our more controversial picks, but fuck it, we are right.  AJ McCarron is boring you know… because he just wins.  And he does it effortlessly and efficiently.  Who wants to root for that?  Since coming to Tuscaloosa AJ McCarron has 2 National Titles and 2  losses… yup the same number of losses as National Titles.  This year, in Nick Saban’s highly balanced offense, McCarron has been nothing short of excellent.  He leads this team in every way, rarely makes a mistake, and is putting up real numbers in a real offense during a time where everyone’s numbers are inflated due to gimmick systems.  If AJ McCarron played in Art Briles Baylor offense he’d surely throw for 4,000 yards.  However, right now… all he does is just win games, and ain’t that boring?


3. Johnny Manzeil – QB Texas A&M          2289 Yds    18TD’s    7 Int     73.3 Comp  %   90.1 QBR       484 Rush    6 TD’s

Did you know Johnny Football is having a BETTER season than he had last year?  Did you know that Johnny Football is going to throw for more yards, more touchdowns, and at a higher percentage than he did last year?  AND he’s doing it on a team that has one of the worst defenses in the entire nation!  Giving up an average of 32 points a game, the Aggies defense is putting Johnny Football in a position where he has to be the most dynamic player in the country or they’d lose EVERY single game, AND he’s responding.  Listen put all the tweets and cash money gestures aside and Johnny Football is just the real deal.  He’s absolutely killing it this year on the field (and probably in the sorority houses as well).  Unfortunately, for Johnny he’s got two major road blocks in his way: 1. He plays with Mike Evans who inflates his numbers by making bad passes into massive gains and 2.  The two guys ahead of him on this list are playing even better.

Marcus Mariota, Anthony Harris

2. Marcus Mariota – QB Oregon                  2051 Yds    19 TD’s   0 Int     62.4 Comp %     96.6 QBR      493 Rush     9 TD’s

Clean, smooth, efficient, and FAST.  Mariota has been nothing short of amazing leading the fastest and most potent offense in the country.  He’s accounted for 28 TD’s and ZERO (yes ZERO) interceptions.  He’s doing everything Oregon Coach Chip Kelly…errrr correct that Mark Helfrich could ask of him.  However, our question at Jones and B is whether this is all a product of a system or if it’s the player?  Either way, if Mariota keeps up this pace and keeps making those fresh Nike Uni’s look faster then every team on the planet he’ll be not only bring home the Heisman but possibly also the National Title.


1. Jameis Winston – QB Florida St.              1899 Yds   20 TD’s   3 Int      71.3 Comp %     92.5 QBR      137 Rush     3 TD’s

The most hyped freshman since…well… last year’s Heisman winner… Famous Jameis is looking every bit the stud everyone hoped he’d be when he strolled into Tallahassee.  Jameis has been nearly flawless in every way since stepping onto campus, making all the right decisions on the field and off it.  From his opening day dismantling of a highly underrated Pitt defense, to last weeks “Heisman Moment”, picking apart the 3rd ranked Clemson Tigers, Jameis Winston has single handedly made FSU a National Title contender.  Say what you will about how much talent he has on his team, FSU has had top talent for the past 10 years and NO ONE (including first round pick EJ Manuel) has been able to make that offense look anything short of a mess since Chris Wenke graduated.  Operating in a NON-gimmick offense, Jameis has been unreal, and is doing it all in a way that makes the Heisman Trust believe he’ll be a more gracious winner than the other Freshman winner who happens to be number 3 on our list.  However, the man they call famous needs to navigate the rest of a rather mediocre remainder of the schedule with absolute perfection in order to stay at the top of our list.