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It seems to be Pearl Jam week everywhere (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and various other press outlets) so why not make today Pearl Jam day for Jonesy’s SOTD. Now I know there are so many quality choices to pick from when it comes to one of the greatest rock bands of our generation for today’s SOTD, especially since it is THROWBACK THURSDAY. I mean Pearl Jam has been rocking our minds senseless for over 20 years. And I actually like their latest release, Lightning Bolt, which is odd, because it’s rare for me to like a classic band trying to make modern music. (ie Rolling Stones) Usually doesnt work out well but some of the songs on Lightning Bolt are just incredible. (“Sirens,” “Getaway”) So I am actually going to pick two songs for today. The first is one that I love dearly. It’s off 1998’s Yield album. “Given to Fly” to me is quintessential Pearl Jam. It’s Eddie Veddar at his finest. The groove of this song is great. It gets hard and punchy when it needs to, but otherwise it’s a melodic masterpiece.

“Given to Fly”

The second song is another one of my faves from Seattle’s finest. I first heard “I Got Id” back in the mid to late 90’s. It was on the 1995 Merkin Ball EP and I thought was always one of the bands coolest and darkest songs. The song didn’t get a lot of press and there was no video for it, but it’s just a raw and honest song about unrequited love. Great song from a great band.

“I Got Id”


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