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Today’s SOTD is “Sonsick,” an incredible song by a new band called San Fermin. San Fermin is the creation of Brooklynite, Ellis Ludwig-Leone. His song writing and arranging has brought together some very talented musicians and created a musical opus on par with the creative times that exist in the indie landscape in 2013. Think Beirut meets Arcade Fire meets Of Monsters and Men meets Bon Iver and you get San Fermin. Ummm yeah, that dope. That’s how I felt when I first heard “Sonsick.” Their self titled debut is just beautiful. ┬áTheir live act consists of eight members in San Fermin, which are all needed to bring out the various sounds that you hear incorporated in their music. Close your eyes for a minute and enjoy “Sonsick.”

“Sonsick” (Audio)

“Sonsick” (Live at Audiotree)

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