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Happy Halloween all!   I feel I must highlight some do’s and don’ts of Halloween costumes.  First off, you are never too old to dress up.  Have fun,  that is the whole point of Halloween.  Secondly try not to do what I always end up doing, spend 100 bucks on a costume for one drunken night where you lost ½ the costume by the time your on your second shot.  Thirdly, try not to use your own accessories that you love i.e. sunglasses because you will lose them (I know someone out there found and is wearing my Ray Ban aviators from last Halloween from my Slash of Guns and Roses costume).   And finally, there is a fine line between staying “in character” and just being annoying.  For example, talking in an accent ALL NIGHT or trying to bite people on the neck ALL NIGHT.  Once or twice upon arrival is plenty!

Slutty “Whoever”

To be honest, I am not terribly offended by chicks dressing as “slutty” whoever’s.  I just think is shows a lack of funny.  But listen,  if you are  trying to get a piece, what better night of the year to do it? When you are a “slutty” whoever, Right?  Live it up.

Be Obvious-

When it comes to costumes, be obvious if you want people to know what/who you are.  People are interested for about 10 seconds then they move on to the more recognizable character.   Face it, we all want people to say…”Love your costume” and “Great idea”…ahhh human nature.


Be a used maxi pad….never.

Always Be Current-

You may run the risk of being the 4th set of Walter White and Jessie’s at the party but being current is always a hit.

A few Costumes to Stay Away From….Please-

There are just some costumes ladies gravitate toward every year, and they are so played out and over done.  Police Woman, Cat, Devil and French Maid…BOARING.

Here are a few note worthy (or unworthy) costumes:


I think this is pretty right on…a little slutty, but she has the body for it and you definitely know its Lil Kim right?   Its actually Miley Cyrus.  She chose the most infamous Kim outfit which is the smart thing to do.   Probably the only smart thing she has done in a while.


Ok, I think this is cute.  They appeal to the opposite sex, just the right amount of slut and the costumes took some time and effort and we all can appreciate that.  My only thought….did the beer have to be Busch Light???? I mean….


This is a cute couple costume…not too lame and “couple-y”.


AT NO TIME IS IT APPROPRIATE TO BE IN BLACK FACE .  In case you can’t tell this is Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.  This is truly horrible and disgusting and NOT AT ALL FUNNY so wipe those smiles off your faces.  Everyone hates you and thinks your assholes.


Ok, we know who is not getting any ass tonight , and it’s not the Busch girls.


I think everyone is tempted to do something really “grand” and large on at least one Halloween.  But if you can’t fit into the bar, move around comfortably or are sweating like a whore in church, you may want to re-think it.


Prettttyyyyy good…..but where’s Jessie????? It’s like Dorothy and no Toto.



Ugh Plese no more Black Swan…see what I mean about being current???


If you are the Joan of Arch type who wants  to make a statement with your costume for womans rights or equality, you may want to take a tip or 2 from

This website has some super interesting not so slutty costume ideas that your mom would be proud of.

Not only do they provide ideas but also a brief history of the characters.  Which is really pretty cool.


So there you have it…do it up.

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