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Let’s try to put some things into perspective, shall we.  He is an offensive lineman in the NFL, you cannot do that job unless you are intrinsically tough above and beyond what tough is for the average person.  He has also played this tough position for a long time to get to where he is at and he did so at Stanford University, one of the toughest academic & one of the most physical/tough football programs in the country.  He was performing at the top of our country’s standards both academically and on the football field.  He also started as a redshirt freshman at Stanford for Jim Harbaugh who was arguably one of the toughest coaches in college football at that time on one of the most physical running teams in the country at that time.  I’m sure he was chewed out more than once.  I played football since I was in the 6th grade all the way through until I graduated from college and never did I experience anything like what Jonathan Martin is going through. Above all else, what makes me think Jonathan Martin is a very tough person is that by making this issue public he has brought a lot of scrutiny and challenges to his to character (mostly unflattering), however by making this issue public he is also demanding that this problem be solved instead of just going along with it.  To me, that is the toughest thing of all about Jonathan Martin.

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