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Maybe Dez Bryant isn’t such an ass after all. The extremely talented Dallas Cowboys wide receivers is usually in the press for his spectacular play on the football field or his fiery temper off it. Dez hates when Dez does not get the ball. He is very vocal when he is frustrated. But yesterday, Dez Bryant played a completely different type of role for some lucky patrons at a Dallas Walmart. Sony’s Playstation 4 hit stores last night. The retail price on the video game console is $399. Dez bought 4 lucky patrons their own Playstation 4’s last night. He bought 5, one for himself and gave the other four to patrons waiting online. What a nice gesture Dez? And where the hell was I?  Bryant mingled with the patrons and was reportedly very humble and courteous and even stopped to take a couple pictures with workers and fans. Nice move number 88. Who would have known that Dez was into philanthropy? Classy move by a guy who normally gets teh short end of the stick on the publicity front.



Dez Bryant hooks up people with Playstation 4’s.

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