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I have decided that this week is going to be 90’s week. Recently I have been starting to get nostalgic, especially with music. I have my 35th birthday coming up next week so it is causing me to reflect and look back. I loved the 90’s for music. I think the 90’s are a time period doesn’t get the props that they rightfully deserve. There were so many good songs and albums released in the 90’s that it’s worth having a 90’s week every now and then. Today’s SOTD is from a band that I really haven’t heard from since the late 90’s, Better Than Ezra. I know that the band is still around. They last released an album in 2009. But I’m sure they are still playing and are most known for, their 1995 smash hit single, “Good.” “Good” went all the way to number 1 on the Bilboard Modern Rocks Tracks. “Good” is off the band’s debut album Deluxe. I don’t know why the band didn’t find much commercial success after this single. Sales just continued to go down for the band and personel changes happened as well. At least they will always have one hit wonder status. Regardless of anything that happened within the band, “Good” is still a kick ass tune, and it is today’s SOTD. Please enjoy this trip down memory lane and revisit 1995’s “Good” by Better than Ezra.

Link to Better Than Ezra “Good” official music video




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