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A few years ago, Kyle Hartcorn was just a former L.I. lacrosse playing frat bro.  He was athletic and strong, but in a rather untrained way.  He was a bit soft (probably hovering around 15% body fat), a bit un-trained, and a bit un-focused.  Compared to most people Kyle still seemed to be totally fit and dedicated, but compared to where he is now, Kyle was unrecognizable.

Classic Frat Bro with No Shirt

In a little less than 2 days Kyle will be leading the US Team in Tyumen Russia at the World Kettlebell Championships.  For Kyle to get to this point, he’s put in 3+ years of intense training, and small measured improvements in all aspects of his daily life to become an absolute beast.  When he began on this path, he didn’t even have the goal of competing at a global level, he just wanted to get stronger, fitter, and generally better.  Surrounded by, in my opinion, some of the best trainers in the US, Kyle pushed himself to the point where an unexpected opportunity like trying out for TEAM USA became a real possibility.  That’s the thing, even without knowing what your ultimate destiny or potential goal is, by simply training every day to get better, new opportunities can arise.


Kyle got himself stronger.

Kyle got himself fitter.

Kyle got himself focused.


He did those three things before he even knew that he had the goal to compete on a global level.  However, without ever getting himself into top shape to begin with, he never would have even known to set a world championship within his sights.  Fact is, everything in life and fitness comes from this type of selfless hard work.  Before there is promise of reward, the champion works for the reward of simply being better.  Better is the ultimate reward, and better can never be satisfied.


The trainers at Equinox Park Avenue, the guys/girls I grew up with and trained with for the past 6 years, are addicted to this concept of being better everyday.  The challenge each other to reach goals that 6 years ago they never knew they would even be training for today.  Kyle, is just one example of this type success story.  When Kyle walks out wearing the Red White and Blue on Friday he won’t just be representing a country, and team USA, he’ll be representing the team of people (Ken, Geoff, Victoria, Nichole, Taylor, Chris, Juan, Troy, Kat, Frank, Neil, Joe V., Mario, Meredith, Sammy, Dan and Calvin) who pushed him to make those daily improvements that make Friday even possible.  Kyle and his team back at Park Ave won’t just be pushing for Kyle to win gold, they’ll be pushing for him to post better numbers (PR’s) than he has ever posted before.  If he does that, he’ll bring home the hardware.

Bring home gold to the US Kyle.  Bring home gold to Park Ave.  But most importantly, bring home some PR’s.


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