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Now this is funny…

Kanye has to laugh at this one.

Leave it up to comic goofballs Seth Rogen and James Franco to do one of the best video re-enactments that I have ever seen. Kanye West recently released his extremely weird “Bound 2” video, featuring his fiance Kim Kardashian and white horses. The video went viral and exveryone who saw it probably said huh? I know that’s what I said after I saw it. But “Bound 2” is one of the hottest tracks off of Yeezus, so I support Kanye and his grandiose artistic vision. The video pictured a supposedly nude Kim Kardashian on top of a motorcyle that Kanye is driving. They hug and love throughout the video and it’s all cute and weird and yada yada. In this hilarious clip, Franco plays Kanye and Rogen plays Kim. Franco does a spot on Kanye imitation. Love his lip sync skills. He would crush this joint in a karaoke contest. And Seth Rogen is priceless as Kim. Check out his facial experessions while Franco is expressing his love to him. Damn it’s funny. I think it’s time for Seth to shave his back. What do you think?


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