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I wonder if Kanye West has heard of Xanex before. He may need to take some. First off, I love Kanye West. I am a huge Kanye fan. I just spent a ton of money seeing the Yeezus tour. I follow him on Twitter. When he makes noise, I listen, because Kanye is an inovator. He is also a press hog, and loves to be in the mix when it comes to media. This week Kanye played four shows in the NYC area, two at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and two at Madison Square Garden. I went to the Sat night MSG show and it was off the chains. (TWO CHAINNNNNZZZZ) Ye really knows how to create a spectacle visually and artistically. In the past two days he has done some press in New York in between spots on the Yeezus tour. He stopped by HOT 97 and chatted for awhile with Angie Martinez on Monday and went off about Nike, losing a deal with them and starting one with Adidas. And yesterday, Ye stopped by Sway’s morning radio show on Eminem’s Shade 45 satelite radio on SiriusXM for an episode of “Sway in the Morning.” First off Sway is one of the most respected reporters in the hip hop game. He shows love to everyone in hip hop, especially someone who has contributed as much to hip hop and rap culture that Kanye West has. These guys have known each other for years, so they go way back. Kanye stopped by Sway to talk about hip hop, life, fashion, and the Yeezus tour, and this convo got raw and real quick.


Sway was going through the motions, talking about hip hop, Ye’s influences, the Yeezus tour, etc. Everything started off pretty smooth between the two. Then the topic of fashion came up. Kanye is VERY passionate about fashion. Anyone that knows anything about Kanye, knows that he is a fashionista, and he is VERY passionate about things near and dear to him whether that is G.O.O.D. music, Donda (his clothing line named after his late mother) Kim Kardashian, his baby daughter North, being misunderstood, or a million other things. Kanye loves to go off. His so called rants, or as he puts it, streams of consciousness, are legendary, and he has been blessing his audiences on the Yeezus tour with moments of Kanye blasting. In NYC he got on fashion designers, Nike, Lenny Kravitz, and others. Half the time I just sit there and listen and am like, Yeezy, calm it down homie. But when it comes to fashion, Kanye is surrrrrrious with his shit.


I found this interview with Sway to be fascinating. Kanye and Sway talk about a lot of stuff in this interview. He goes in about Marc Jacobs, then goes on about some of his misses and successes in the fashion world. Kanye wants royalties. He wants to be appreciated for his celebrity and his creative vision. He wants alot. Ye starts to go off about being a trendsetter in the fashion world. The Louis Vittons got big once he started rocking their backpacks with his polos. The Jordan’s only got popular because he and Don C  rocked em…a Kanye quote. Really Ye? Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time who has had the most successful running shoe in the history of sneakers, might not be a reason why his brand and his shoes are successful? Hmmmm. Kanye then goes on to say, and I quote…”I am Warhol.”I am the number one, most impactful artist of our generation.” “I am Shakespeare in the flesh…Walt Disney.”  And at the 17 minute mark…this ish gets real…please watch!!! (THIS IS THE FULL VIDEO OF THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW, WHICH IS DEF WORTH A WATCH)

Kanye goes OFF on Sway! Who the hell goes off on Sway? Sway is one of the nicest and most articulate dudes in music. Sway is there to help, promote, foster, endorse, emcees in hip hop, especially Kanye West. Ye didn’t even look at Sway during his anger trip. Around the 17:57 mark, notice how calm Sway is. (Knowing to himself, that this dude is cray cray) Notice how Sway is looking directly at Ye throughout all of  this, yet Ye is looking the other way. Around the 18:30 mark, Sway starts to get fired up after Ye goes into pout mode. Sway gets real with Ye. “You don’t need to turn up man. This ain’t no fucking show man, I’m coming to you as a homie.” Sway actually shows great counseling skills at this point of the interview with Kanye. Maybe Sway was a guidance counselor or a therapist in another life. Kanye eventually recognizes that he went off the deep end and tells Sway he loves him and he’s sorry. He also referenced the French Revolution before this. Ummm yeah.

The rest of the interview is a great listen too. Kanye goes at Sway about being number 6 on their hip hop list after his own protege Big Sean. Lol. That was an interesting moment. At the end of the day, Kanye needs to understand that not everyone in the world is against him. Some people, especially those who love and support Kanye, just need to be able to understand where he is coming from with alot of his commentary, because he has a tendency to go off for reasons completely unnecessary, A LOT of the time. It was cool to see Sway bring this hip hop icon back down to Earth, and let him know that a) you ain’t gonna embarras him on his own show, and  b) that he just needed to understand where Ye is coming from when he talks, barks, and rants at his shows so the information is not misconstrued and not misinterperted. Sometimes it’s not all about Kanye, Yeezus. You aint gotta turn up on everybody!!!

Here is the full turn up with Sway in audio form.


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