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If you were watching “60 Minutes” last night, then you saw Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, unveil Amazon’s plan for the future of home delivery.  According to Bezos, within the next 5-7 years, Amazon will be able to deliver small packaged goods (under 5lbs) using flying unmanned drones.  This accounts for more than 80% of their total sales annually.

While the drones, based on current technology, will only have a radius of 10 miles, they do present a keen look at the future for what Amazon sees as the consumer need.  “We want our products, and we want them NOW.”  But am I the only one who sees this as a bit of a scary future?  Is this not the exact track that like every single science fiction movie takes?  I’ve seen “Terminator”, I know how this story ends and it wasn’t pretty.

Jokes aside, the technology Amazon is creating is amazing.  Their investment in shipping and fulfillment solutions has changed the expectations of EVERY person around the world when it comes to online shopping.  However, do people really need 30 minute home delivery of goods via drone?  I mean how many things that Amazon sells do we really need in 30 minutes or less?  Let’s not forget that Dominoes’ Pizza doesn’t even guarantee delivery that quickly anymore.  But seriously, if you need a book or a video game or a necklace, can’t you just get off your couch and go to the store anymore?


I’m not saying that the future of Amazon is Skynet (the company that went out of control in the “Terminator” movies), nor am I saying that the drones will eventually become the “eye-scanning spider drones” in “Minority Report”, but I am saying that we are increasingly leaning on technology for things that we are TOTALLY capable of doing ourselves.  And that is in actuality, kind of scary.  It’s awesome and cool too, but definitely kind of scary.  I just can’t imaging actually looking out my NYC apartment window, in 10 years, and seeing hundreds of flying drones passing by… and I’m not sure I want to imagine that.


Hey, that’s just my opinion.  And this is coming from a guy (me) that is absolutely amazed by what Amazon has done to change consumer behavior when it comes to shipping and shopping in general.  I am in awe of what Bezos has been able to build.  But if in twenty or thirty years you end up like Tom Cruise in “Minority Report”, don’t say I didn’t at least bring it up.



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