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Will Ferrell continued his hilarious and amazing press tour for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues this past Saturday night when he stopped by a local Bismarck, North Dakota television station, KX News as Ron Burgundy, to well…deliver the news! Ferrell has been popping up in random places to make sure Ron Burgundy gets his proper air time. Ron Burgundy is the central character in Ferrell’s upcoming movie, Anchorman 2. His appearances have been spot on and hilarious. First there were the Dodge commercials, then there was his appearance on Conan singing the Rob Ford theme song, “Working for the Weekend,” by Loverboy. Then Ben & Jerry’s gave Mr. Burgundy his own ice cream flavor, “Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch,” and now appearing on a local news desk to deliver the nightly news. How did the co-anchor, Amber Schatz, not bust out in laughs the entire time? She should get an award for that. Well done Will Ferrell. Well done Ron Burgundy.



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