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I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m more and more annoyed/creeped out by people at the gym these days.  I’m all for people committing to a healthy and fit lifestyle, but some things people do in the process are absolutely ridiculous.  More people need to remember that before they engage in the following 10 stupid acts.  Don’t they know that… OTHER PEOPLE ARE IN THE GYM TOO?????

1. Stupid and/or Inappropriate gym attire

It’s definitely not that you need to be rocking a planned out matching gym outfit.  In fact that’s totally unnecessary.  However, you do need to look at what you’re wearing in the gym and assess how stupid you look.  General rules of thumb?  No jeans, no flip flops, no sunglasses, no fanny packs (sorry meatheads), and dudes…. NO SHORT SHORTS (you look like Richard Simmons).

awesome flip flops
She's not shy
She’s not shy


Texting, flipped up hat AND sunglasses??? seriously bro?
Texting, flipped up hat AND sunglasses??? seriously bro?

2. Grunting or just making strange noises

I thought the Planet Fitness commercials woke people up to how stupid they sound, but then at the gym the other day I heard some dude repping out sets of 135lbs with the most obnoxious cross between a grunt and big heavy breath.  I’m not going to knock people for being out of breath after a kick ass class or workout set, BUT the idea that this grunting and breathing needs to be able to be heard across the gym is excessive and just for attention.  No one is that impressed by your workout.


3. Texting while sitting on the equipment

Are you at the gym to workout or not?  Make a decision, but don’t just sit there texting away… ESPECIALLY during that post work rush-hour.  It’s ok though, you weren’t texting your girl/boyfriend… it was just a work email.  Totally.


4. Taking too long at the water fountain

Gym water fountains are for everyone.  Take a sip and move on.  Or at least take notice if people are waiting behind you, you can usually feel their eye-rolling as you go onto your 10th gulp of water.  If you’ve got a water bottle go in the bathroom (yea if you think the water fountain and the sink water are different then I’ve got some magic beans to sell you).

5. Being weird about being naked in the locker room

Being naked in the gym should neither be scary or a moment of total freedom.  You don’t need to be like a 5 year old shedding off their clothes just walking everywhere without clothes or a towel on.  On the opposite end, you also don’t need to wear your underwear into the shower, or almost fall over because you’re trying to pull your jeans up without taking your towel off.  Listen, in the locker room, no one is  should be checking you out.  Keep your head down, shower, get dressed and leave.

6. Doing exercises you saw on TV but have no idea how to do properly

Trying new workouts and exercises can be a great way of shocking your body.  However, it’s usually most effective to know how to do said workouts before actually doing them.  Seeing an infomercial for p90x or TRX is not quite enough information for your to program those movements into your workout.  You know how you know you don’t know how to use the TRX?  Usually getting tangled in it is a pretty good sign (yes this happened to someone two weeks ago, and they needed help getting out).  Then there is also the whole category of people who just make up completely nonsensical lifts. I mean you get no points for creativity in the gym.


7. Holding the hand rails excessively on cardio equipment

Did you realize that you can just slow down and go a pace that you’re capable of handling?  We’re all happy that you’re putting in work at the gym, but the handrails aren’t there to actually hold yourself up, they are there for occasional balance or safety.  Just let go!

8. Singing or Dancing

I never thought I’d have to write this, but of recent I’ve started noticing an excessive number of people actually singing out loud to the music on their iPod, and/or dancing between sets.  If you’re in one of the studio rooms, feel free to break it down like Chris Brown.  But if you’re standing at the squat rack popping and locking, ummmm I just don’t even know what to say but stop.

9. Staring and/or Stalking

This goes 90% for guys.  Stop staring at people and stalking girls at the gym.  Everyone sees you staring at them the reason they don’t acknowledge you is because you’re creeping everyone out.  She notices that you were doing squats two seconds ago and now all of a sudden you’re on the tricep pushdown right across from her.  Ease up killer, put your head down before gyms need to start putting restraining orders into effect.


10. Not acknowledging when people are in the shower before opening the door

I’m not even accusing people of being creeps (although some of you definitely are), but seriously how hard is it to take notice of the towel hanging outside the shower before opening the door?  Stop being clueless or weird.  Whichever you are.

11. Wandering in circles between sets

Every try to walk past someone and they are doing this kind of slow meander back to their equipment or around a piece of equipment?   Why are you just wandering around, pretending like you’re not checking yourself out in the mirror, and trying to catch eyes with the girl on the elliptical 75ft away???  Just do your set and stand there.  If you’re walking someplace, walk there!  Don’t saunter or mosey or trudge (didn’t think a meathead had a vocabulary did you?).

12. Lifting more weight than you can handle

Pushing your limits is an important part of working out, HOWEVER, you should be doing this on a limited number of sets AND with good form.  If you’re throwing 300 lbs on the bar and only coming down 1/3 as far as you should on every set, guess what?  You can’t actually lift 300 lbs.  Strip the weight and just do what you’re capable of, and when you’re ready build yourself up to whatever weights you can handle.  Yet again, you’re not impressing anyone.


13. Flirting or Kissing

Hey couples at the gym… stop flirting and start working out.  Flirt outside, makeout at home but at the gym workout.  Their is no way to teach your girlfriend how to squat by grinding up against her from behind.


14. Curls on the Squat Rack

This is a true gym-head annoyance.  The squat rack is for SQUATTING.  If you want to do curls grab the dumbbells, the preacher curl bench, or just grab an olympic bar and curl.  However you do not need to use one of the 2 squat racks that gyms have to work one of the smallest muscle groups in the body.  Oh and by the way, it always seems to be people who don’t ever lift legs who use the squat rack for curls.  Ironic.


15. Selfies

Instagram has made the gym selfie a social norm.  However, if you’re doing it daily and/or making faces and poses you need to stop.  Turns out the only thing you’re lifting is that samsung galaxy.

Check out the dudes face in the background… totally embarrassed

photo 2


Great ass… but really… in the gym?

Great ass, but no idea how you got it..
Great ass, but no idea how you got it..


photo 1


8 thoughts

  1. Actually, the water at the water cooler is cooled, and besides, some people use the sinks in the bathroom like showers. No thanks, I’ll fill up at the water cooler. That’s what it’s there for.

  2. How is #11 wrong. After a set, I walk around a short distance and come back to do another set. It sure beats just sitting there and texting on the phone

    1. I agree, I dont see a problem with walking around in between sets. In fact if said exercise is leg related its good to keep them loose by walking around. Any time spent doing nothing is time wasted.

  3. “If you’re walking someplace, walk there! Don’t saunter or mosey or trudge (didn’t think a meathead had a vocabulary did you?).” You don’t. To trudge means to walk with purpose. Lol.

  4. Most of these are just complete nitpicks, just let people do their shit. I thought this was going to be an article about people doing exercises completely wrong, not crapping on people for walking around in between sets.

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