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Two of Hip Hop heavyweights are going at it again…but this time it won’t be on the Bilboard charts or with Ticketmaster sales…instead it will be in your local Foot Locker, Champ Sports, or other sneaker outlets. Drake and his OVO team have signed an exclusive deal with none other than the kings of athletic footwear, Nike and Team Jordan. Say whaaaaaaaaat!!!!

Checkmate Drake.

Sorry Kanye, Drizzy’s boss, is the king of all sneakers…His airness himself, Michael Jordan.

Kanye went on numerous rants over the last couple of weeks voicing his displeasure with Nike who did not want to give him an exclusive shoe deal. After creating the ever exclusive Air Yeezys, Kanye thought Nike owed him a deal, and wanted royalites to produce his own sneaker and clothing lines. Nike said “Eh Eh,” and became the negatron to Kanye’s artistic vision and goals. Kanye was NOT happy about this.  Kanye went on the Angie Martinez show on Hot 97 in New York City and blasted to the world his displeasure with Nike and that he was signing with ADIDAS.


Adidas confirmed this signing yesterday with a press release welcoming Kanye to the Adidas family. Ye’s deal is expected to be in the $10 million range and includes royalties which Kanye made sure he got a piece of.  At the time I thought that was a great move. Hey, if you can’t get the big dawg, go for his little brother. Ye made that move and had to be happy with what was going down until the news he found out today…

Last night at Drake’s concert in Portland, America’s favorite sensitive rapper dropped this gem on the world…

YEP…Drake has just ONE UPPED Kanye West and signed a deal with Team Jordan



All Day I Dream About Signing w team jordan

Is that what ADIDAS now stands for? Ouch Kanye. Everybody loves Team Jordan…Evvvvvvverrrrrrrry body. Including Mr. West. Terms of the Drake-Jordan deal have not been disclosed yet, but you know it’s pretty official when Mr. Jordan sends out a tweet about it.



This has to make Kanye a little upset right? I mean Nike is the king of the throne. Isn’t Kanye supposed to be watching the Throne? Drake stepped right up into that prime spot and is now sitting pretty in the sneaker world. Kanye loves to be the alpha dog. That’s who he is. He is a cannibal on the mic and LOVES publicity. Drake just bit a nice healthy piece of humble pie out of Ye’s cake and has served it to him on a silver platter. I wonder if the Jump Man logo is on the bottom of that plate…



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