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THE R. IS BACK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! Robert Kelly has been released from his closet and has made his best album in years with his latest effort, Black Panties. Yes, that is not a typo. R. Kelly’s new album is called Black Panties. It’s takes alot of balls to call your album Black Panties, but we are talking about the R. here. Kelly is on some sort of comeback tour. He is on the pop charts right now due to his duet with Lady Gaga “Do What U Want,” and now comes the release of Kelly’s 12 solo album, Black Panties. I have always loved R. Kelly’s music, especially the tear he went on from 1993-2003 with 12 Play, R. Kelly, R.,, and The Chocolate Factory. During that time Kelly was pretty much untouchable in the R&B world. But then he fell off, creeped everyone out with the Trapped in the Closet saga, and dropped four uneventful albums. I kinda thought the R was done. But 2013 has been a nice surprise for Kelly. He is back to his roots dropping baby making music for the G’s and the ladies. Black Panties is filled with tracks that let us all know that R. Kelly still has it. The album features some killer cameos from Ludacris, Future, Young Jeezy, and 2 Chainz, who stars with Kelly on today’s SOTD, “My Story.” This song is a banger.





Check out his album cover…THE R IS BACK!!!!


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