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Check mate Bey.

Yes, Hip Hop’s first family continues to defy boundaries and take music to a new level. Last night while we all were sleeping, Beyonce Knowles, the queen B, dropped a new album exclusively on iTunes titled, Beyonce. But this is not any ordiary album. Not only does the album have 14 brand new tracks, but there are 18 videos that accompany the music as well. And the videos are DOPE! It’s a very industry defining move by one of the biggest names in pop music. No press. No fan fare. No warning. No promotion. No nothing. Just Beyonce doing Beyonce, and releasing music her way. This news is already trending all over Twitter and Facebook, so I would be shocked if by the end of today, Queen B doesn’t have the number 1 album on iTunes.  Earlier this year, hubby Jay Z dropped his latest album, Magna Carta…Holy Grail via a Samsung app, a first for it’s time. So you know this family is down with doing unconvention things. But this should be another great move for Beyonce. Based on the snippets that I heard this morning, the quality of music is there. The album features guests Frank Ocean, Drake, her daughter Blue Ivy, and of course Jay Z. Beyonce is available on iTunes now.

Beyonce releases self-titled 32 track new album.




beyonce album cover



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