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Last night Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live. Because these two have an awesome bromance, this episode was hyped up a lot. And rightfully so. Thankfully, it didn’t let down. There were a number of highlights including the cold open of “Wrappingville”, Justin playing a spot-on Jimmy Fallon on a celeb episode of “Family Fued”, and Mayor Bloomberg making fun of himself on “Weekend Update.” All in all, it was a pretty solid episode, but my favorite was the digital short featuring the ladies of SNL along with Jimmy performing a music video called “(Do It On My) Twin Bed.” In a word, it was perfection. The ladies all looked fabulous, they showed off their spectacular dance moves, and basically, in a hilarious singy-dancy manner, summed up what its like to bring a boyfriend home to your parent’s house for the holidays. What better way than a music video is there to cover this awkward topic?!?!

If you have ever brought home a guy to your parents house and stayed in your childhood bedroom, you know that feeling. It can be a little uncomfortable. (Especially if your bedroom shares a wall with your parents.) Do you even have sex there? (Answer: Yes!) Will your parents walk in on you? Or hear you? Aaaaah! As far as they’re concerned, you’re their little girl who doesn’t do those types of things. Obvs. You must tread lightly.

But back to the video, there was so much goodness going on there about trying to do it with your boyfriend in your childhood bedroom:

-Trying to comfortably fit two people on a twin bed

– The bed creaking every move you make

-Childhood cartoon sheets and stuffed animals and trophies

– No locks on the bedroom door

– Trundle beds (!!!!)

– VHS tapes

– Childhood pictures all around

Can you relate at all? Okay, well stop reading and check it out for yourself if you haven’t seen it yet.


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