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Who is this new chick making moves in the world of R&B and hip hop? It’s Jhene Aiko. Who? Yup, let me say it again, Jhene Aiko. You probably have heard her on Drake’s latest album Nothing Was the Same, on the song “From Time.” She also sang on Big Sean’s hit “Beware,” and is now known as a new fresh voice that’s dope on a hip hop collabo. She has a soft voice, that has pop flare yet is sultry. She is no Beyonce or Leona Lewis, her range is definitely limited, but Aiko definitely has style. Sail Out is the debut EP from Jhene Aiko that has been playing on my iPod now for the past couple of weeks. I have been enamored by Aiko’s smooth grooves as of late which is why im making her single, “Bed Peace” (feat. Childish Gambino) today’s SOTD.  The song features a dope verse from Gambino and Aiko sounding as sexy as ever.




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