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For those of you who don’t know who Jen Selter is, well she’s the most “Followed Ass on Instagram”, and she kinda sucks.

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I’m definitely not going to deny it,  she’s got a ridiculous ass and 1.5 million followers to prove it.  However, me personally, I’m actually sick of her.  I am sick of her like I’m sick of a Kardashian.  I don’t understand why the world is going crazy like she’s the first hot girl on the planet, and I don’t understand her own obsession with..well… herself.

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I get it.  She realized people liked looking at photos of her ass, and decided to jump on the opportunity.  As the NY Post put it, she dropped out of “college”, (Cosmetology School) to focus on her career as a fitness model.  If she can monetize that ass like Kim did, you know what I can’t hate on that.  But what kind of bothers me is that she’s marketing herself as a fitness expert for having amazing genetics.  She is by no means an expert in fitness or health – she’s a hot 20 year old with a great ass and abs and an iPhone.  “Seltering”, her coined phrase for posing, is ridiculous.

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In reality this is a much larger problem that has less to do with Jen Selter and more to do with Instagram.  Somehow, Instagram is churning out fitness experts left and right.  Look at some of the accounts out there, and the workouts they promote…They are IDIOTIC!  Everyone with an iPhone and a good body thinks that is some sort of qualification, and it’s not.  Being hot, or being a gym rat (both of which are awesome for you) do not make you a fitness expert capable of giving advice.  In fact even most “trainers” don’t know what they are talking about, but there are some absolutely awesome and knowledgeable experts out there who you should follow.

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Listen, I have a lot of friends who are close friends with Jen Selter.  By all accounts she’s a nice girl and she’s only 20.  Can’t hate on a 20 year old for anything (I was a complete moron when I was 20), let alone creating a business out of her ass.  She’s got the following, she’s got marketing deals with multiple health and fitness brands, she’s set herself up to succeed… except she doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about.  But she could.  All I’m saying is show a little respect for the people who actually know what they are doing AND for the people who follow you because they think you are an expert and get some education.  Study physiology, kinesiology, anatomy and nutrition and maybe give some fitness advice that makes sense, and do some poses that aren’t idiotic.

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What I’m saying is… Jen… you don’t have to suck.  That OR just be who you really are, just a hot girl with a badunkadunk.  Either way you’re going to make some serious cash from that ass, and Jones and B totally supports that hustle.

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14 thoughts

  1. *hands in the air* Amen! Please don’t confuse six packs for credentials and my fellow Fitness Professionals practice your craft, I’m regularly in that boat of I know/teach/train better than this and have to hold myself to the same standards I hold my clients. Great Post!

    1. If you read the post I’m not complaining about her ass it’s great. But “dat ass” doesn’t make her a fitness expert it makes her a chick with an ass.

  2. I fucking can’t stand this whore, and I’m a guy. Not saying I wouldn’t nail it…but I seriously can’t stand her…or any other poser or wanna be expert for that matter. Well done with this article!

  3. ME-OW! Has someone stolen a little attention from you? I haven’t read one article where she claims to be a “fitness expert”. In fact, she states she’s NOT trained. She learned from watching trainers. As a “fitness expert” you’d think you’d be praising her for motivating anyone in this bloated country to get OFF their fat ass and workout.

    1. No one is bitter, as you can see we give credit to her for making the most out of her great body. However, she does give fitness advice and endorse fitness/nutrition products. Fact is you can’t do squats or work your hamstrings/glutes everyday, it’s not good for you and you won’t get results. We are all for motivation here, we write on it all the time, but we all need to learn from the right people.

  4. Honestly who wants to be with someone who is obviously infatuated with them self. Her beauty will fade. That ass will sag. Move along.

  5. I am annoyed with her too and forgive me if I seem envious but she is not even that hot in my opinion, she has a great body but her face doesn’t wow me and actually neither does she. She’s just an average 20 year old awkward girl who happens to have good genetics, I’ve seen her in interviews and her ass isn’t even as big as people make it seem.

    1. I agree with you totally here. She’s not that pretty and simply has a behind for a ‘white’ person. It’s not big, neither is it amazing; she only gives that illusion from certain camera angles and poses while hyperflexing her coccyx.

      Instead of spending hours and days on end doing ab work and just-parallel squats (which, ironically, wouldn’t target the glutes sufficiently anyway), she should consider concentrating on her calves and hamstrings as they are non-existent. Then again, I forget – many women wanting to do fitness and those that promote it online don’t do legs properly. Many that claim to do are only really working glutes and quads.

  6. Not very attractive and has the personality of a dried up orange peel. She’s terrible in interviews! All she has is a nice bum with chicken legs. Can’t understand the hype.

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