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Love is in the air. Never thought I would see the now media friendly recluse, John Mayer, lavish in his love for Katy Perry so publicly, but he has with the song and video for their duet, “Who You Love.” But the funny thing is… I actually believe in their love. John Mayer has been known as a douche for years, espcially when it comes to women. However he is an extremely talented musician who shreds on the guitar and is an incredible songwriter. That has always been his MO. But when it came to woman, Mayer was very public and was known as a player. He has been with a slew of Hollywood notables. Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Simpson, ring a bell? Mayer used to be extremely vocal on Twitter and his mouth started to get him into a lot of trouble and he stopped tweeting. He took some time off from singing and had a serious procedure done to his vocal chords. Paradise Valley is Mayer’s first album since his vocal surgery. The album has an underline country feel to it to me, but it’s Mayer being Mayer, writing good songs and playing his guitar. I was kinda shocked to see Mayer and his girlfriend Katy Perry going so public recently with their relationship. They have broken up in the past before, but clearly have worked past their issues and are at a happy place right now. They stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show to discuss the song and even went on Good Morning America to debut the video in Times Square. It truly is a beautiful song and that is why it’s today’s SOTD.





The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage

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