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For anyone who wasn’t in a bubble yesterday, you either watched live or caught via social media fire Richard Sherman’s post-game interview with Erin Andrews.  However, just in case you didn’t… here it is:

Now people are taking this interview and making it a platform for larger discussions that are completely unfounded.  Is Richard Sherman a thug?  He’s only speaking with passion, don’t we want that from players?  It’s a race issue, if Sherman wasn’t black he wouldn’t….

Let me quell a few things before I get into my opinion on this.  First off, this isn’t a race issue at any level and we’ll leave that topic there.  Secondly, Sherman isn’t a thug, not now and not ever.  He’s a highly educated and very smart individual who is playing up a character.  His character of a brash, big talking, love-me or hate-me type player is meant to help make him famous and bring him endorsements.  His behavior is, by his sensibilities, calculated and planned to achieve his goals and for the most part he has.  With that being said, his interview wasn’t fueled by passion or insanity, it was him doing his best WWE impersonation.  Only problem is that no one else saw it coming (especially Erin Andrews).


No my problem with Richard Sherman’s behavior didn’t center only on his interview, but on his self-centered and arrogant behavior at every level.  After making one of the most unbelievable plays from a corner I’ve seen this season, to seal the game for the Seahawks, Sherman’s first reaction was to run over to Michael Crabtree and smack him on the ass and try and instigate him.  Then he proceeded to run around the field looking 49er players in the eye holding up a choking symbol.  This wasn’t momentary OR immediately after the play facing the fans – this was calculated and inflammatory for a few minutes all over the field.  The problem?  It’s totally out of line.

In Sherman’s post game interviews, with everyone from Andrews to the Press Room, he vacillated between arrogant and angry.  He kept going on and on and Crabtree being mediocre or that he has to shut his mouth, etc..  Do I get it?  Kinda.  He wanted to shut-up Crabtree who apparently was talking smack during the week.  He wanted to shut-down the ‘Niners who he has admitted he “hates”.  But in the words of Chris Carter… C’mon Man!  You looked like a fool.

Act like you’ve been there before OR like you knew you’d be there in the end.  If you’re really certain you’re that much better then someone, and you beat them, you have no reason to be that fired up.  In your words, you beat a “mediocre receiver”.  So what you so amp’d up about cuz?

Richard Sherman is playing against men and professionals who deserve at least some level of respect.  Is there talk before a game?  Absolutely.   Can that fuel your play on the field?  Definitely.  But just like when Mayweather knows how to shutoff TMT mode after a fight and be at least an experienced winner if not a humble one, Sherman needs to learn how to do the same.  If Crabtree or any other ‘Niner had knocked Sherman out I wouldn’t have been mad or surprised.  However, it shouldn’t have to come to that.


Sherman, I’m not mad about your passion (if it’s even real), nor would I or anyone appreciate anything but your honest reaction after the game.  Kind of like how no one got mad about Bart Scott’s real passion fueled interview that branded his statement “Can’t Wait” into pop culture history.  Why?  Because ,while it was fiery and passionate it didn’t ooze of arrogance and spite.  Maybe that’s just my opinion but you be the judge:

Let me be clear that I am neither a Jets or a Niners fan.  In fact, I like Richard Sherman’s playful and even sometimes cocky personality and I was rooting for the Seahawks.  However, I do think he just crosses the line too often and yesterday was part of it.  This bothers me MORE because I know how smart he is, and I know how calculated he is.  During his Andrews interview he was looking right into the camera, never accidentally dropped an F’bomb.  He knows what he’s doing.  So yes, honestly he’s taking it too far.  You want to know what talks louder than words and taunting?  Your play.  Sherman – you’re the best.  Right now in the NFL, you are the best corner in football.  Let that at times be enough.  Maybe just meet with your acting coach and publicist who helped you create this character and program in some quiet strength for future performances.


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