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For those of you who were out raging on Saturday night you missed a killer performance on SNL by the self-proclaimed Champagne Papi… Drizzy Drake.  Drake, who was doing double duty as musical performance and host, showed off some serious acting chops that may give the current King of Double Duty, Justin Timberlake himself a run for his money.  We know you’re busy though, so we aren’t going to make you sit through the entire show, so we pulled the best 5 sketches for you to watch here:

1. The Monologue – Please don’t forget I’m black, please don’t forget I’m Jewish.  I play ball like LeBron and I know what a W2 is!


2. Katt Williams  on Nancy Grace – I’m from Atlanta but if weed’s legal consider me forever Rocky Mountain High

3.  The Slumber Party – OMG girls, I need to lie face down on a beanbag chair right now

4.  Detention Poetry – Sittin in a waterbed with no pants on… Helll Yea!

5. Morning Miami – Have Fun at Twerk… oh hell no


**Bonus: Drake and Jhene Aiko – From Time **

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