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I love when I hear a new artist that captivates me. I was lucky enough to have that feeling after hearing Jamestown Revival for the first time. They remind me of a hybrid of Fleet Foxes mixed with The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons. I stumbled across their EP, titled The California EP. I was immediately blown away by “California” (Cast Iron Soul) which is today’s SOTD. They have a great indie sound that mixes folk, country, and soul. The combination is delicious to the ears. The duo is originally from Austin, Texas, so they are rooted in authentic music. Their songs have been heard on Sons of Anarchy, Private Practice, and The Hills. Their album Utah comes out February 11th. There is something infectious about the groove of “California” (Cast Iron Soul) and I hope after listening to it you get that same good feeling that I have when I hear this band’s music. You are in for a treat today. Enjoy “California” by Jamestown Revival.





jamestown revival

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