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What the hell is wrong with Justin Bieber?


I mean seriously. What is wrong with this kid? Justin Bieber was blessed with a gift to entertain people. He has made millions of dollars, has traveled the world, and is admired and worshipped (for some crazy reason) by millions. Does he hate this? Has the fame become to much for him? Does being a global superstar require too much responsibility from him? Does he not like being a role model? Interesting questions to ask. But I can’t stop wondering, why does he keep screwing up? Hey Biebs, this is not good publicity kid!

The 19 year old pop star was arrested early Thursday morning for drag racing and received a DUI for being intoxicated behind the wheel in Miami. Wtf Justin? First of all, why are you driving a car period late at night? Don’t you have a driver or an entourage for that? And you were drunk at that? Smh. The teen star was found in a rented Lamborghini at the time of his arrest. Was he showing off? Where was his agent, his publicist, or members of his team? Why was Bieber behind the wheel to begin with? And why was he drinking? I know he’s got all the money in the world and is a celebrity, but he still is 19 years old, and last I knew, you needed to be 21 years old to legally purchase and consume alcohol in this country. So because of his “celebrity” status does he not apply to the law? I’m sure Bieber, like many other celebrities, felt or feels like he is untouchable and the rules don’t apply to him. Well not everyone is a “Belieber,” and when you break the law, you get arrested like everyone else and have to pay the consequences. Here is a picture of Bieber’s mug shot after his Thursday morning arrest for DUI and drag racing. Dude is smiling?


Bieber has been on a bad streak of late when it comes to his behavior and his character. Last week, police searched Bieber’s home in Calabases, California in connection to a felony vandalism investigation. Bieber has been accused of “egging” a neighbors home, where there is $20,000 worth of damage. Egging? Wtf Bieber? Again, where are the members of his team? Where are the Biebs parents? Why the hell would a multi millionaire ever think of “egging” someone’s home? Doesn’t he have better things to do with his time? Is this about him being able to just be a kid? Who the hell still eggs houses after the age of 14? Bieber refused to turn in his cell phone to authorities over the egg attack. Now dude is bodying up to the police? What do you mean you refuse? Who is this guy?

The fun doesn’t stop there. Bieber was supposed receiving “VIP treatment” last week after being accompanied by two police escorts that were not authorized after being spotted exiting a strip club in Miami beach. There is an investigation ongoing about this now.  In the past year Bieber has demonstrated alot of reckless behavior that doesn’t make a lot of sense. It came out to the press that Bieber drives recklessly all of the time in his neighborhood. He constantly speeds and his neighbors (including one Keyshawn Johnson) are fed up with it. At a show in Argentina, Bieber supposedly mopped the floor with an Argentinan flag that was tossed up on stage. He took heat publicly for dessecrating a flag. He claimed that he did not do that and the object was a t-shirt and not an actual flag. Videos and photos of Bieber smoking marijuana have hit the web. He’s been seen publicly drinking at bars, clubs, and parties. (We do live in a social media age Justin. Everyone knows that you are 19)


I get the fact that this dude doesn’t have a normal life, and the endless amount of scrunity that he is under is overwhelming and boderline ridiculous. But that is what you sign up for when you decide to be an entertainer who happens to become one of the biggest pop stars in the world. This kid is a teen heart throb whom in his 2011 movie Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, had the world by the palm of his hands. His story was well received and people rooted for this kid. But ever since then, he personally has been on a downward spiral.  He had a very public split from Selena Gomez, another teen star who dated Bieber. He has been in out of trouble with the law for the past couple of years, and even threated  on Twiter that he was “retiring, ” although that ended up being just a joke. Ironically, his music career has actually gotten better. I think that Justin Bieber really wants to be respected and taken seriously as an R& B singer. I think that he is done with being a bubble gum pop star. He seems to be following in the footsteps of another former teen star who wanted to shed his boy band image, Justin Timberlake. His last two albums, 2012’s Believe, and 2013’s Journals both showcased Bieber’s new, edgier, R&B sound, that has been appreciated within the urban community. Long gone are the happy pop songs that got him his start. Now the Biebs is trading bars with R. Kelly, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Chance the Rapper, and Future just to name a few. The Biebs is quick to post pics with Meek Mill and himself on his instagram account. The Biebs has gone gangsta. Lol. You can clearly tell that he is done with being a teen star. And to be honest, I get that. I totally understand that. He doesn’t want that image and so be it.  If the music is honest and is quality, the guy will always have his true fans. But if he’s doing all of these things to gain street cred and earn his keep within the hip hop community, so to speak, he is going about things completely the wrong way.

It is hard to be a teenage celebrity. You lose the right to be a “normal” person. You can’t do the same things as normal 19 years old do and not expect to be scutinized and judged for everything that you do. We live in a media world where pictures are easily taken, actions are caught put on YouTube and Facebook, and everything goes viral. If Justin Bieber does something wrong, unfortunately the whole world is going to hear about it. That’s just the way that it is. This kid needs to realize that he is not above the law and he is no better than anyone else. Drag racing while drunk in a rented Lamborghini late at night is not cool. It’s absolutely stupid. He could have hurt himself or heaven forbid, hurt someone else. The Biebs needs to start thinking about these things because fame can go away fast. This guy can easily be a nobody in a couple of years. If he wants to be respected for his music, continue to work with quality producers, continue to perfect your craft, and be about the music. The accolades and admiration will come. But nobody wants to see this kid act like an asshole anymore. He is making a mockery of himself doing stupid things that cause alot of negative attention. There is a reason that his recent movie just released in December, Justin Bieber’s Believe, completely bombed at the box office. People are sick of hearing about this guy, because all we hear about now is negative press.


My advice to the Biebs, take a break from entertaining. You want to be a kid, or be a young adult without the countless “lies” of the press, than keep quiet for a little while. Be cool. Stay out of the spotlight. Take a vacation. Don’t take to Twitter. Don’t post to your instagram. Don’t do things that are illegal and will put you in the middle of a media firestorm. When you are ready to make music again, do that, and do it quietly. Beyonce dropped the album of her career without the media knowing a thing, so it is possible that one can be inconspicuous and successful. And remember that even though it is not your responsibility to be anything more than who you are to anyone out there, criticism and judgement come along with being a public figure. Fame is not always going to be positive. And if your want it to be, then use your head. Have  a team around you that supports your best interests, cause one thing that Justin Bieber of all people should know by now is that the people are paying attention to what you do. And whether he likes it or not, the whole world is watching.

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  1. Hope he shapes up before he kills someone or hurts them really bad. He thinks he’s invincible, and he may be. But the rest of the world isn’t.

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