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30 years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced a product that would change the world, the Apple Macintosh personal computer. Apple launched their first Mac in 1984 on this day and ever since then it has revolutionized how we receive, interpret, and process information. The first Mac was 16 pounds and came with a 9 inch black and white screen and a new device known as a mouse that helped the consumer navigate the screen. It’s speed was 8 MHz. The computer’s memory was 128K of RAM. It came with a 3.5 inch floppy drive. The Mac was portable, was fresh, exciting, and a sharp contrast to IBM. At the time, the Mac was also a luxury item. It cost $2, 495 when it debuted. It was one of the first computers that could be bought by consumers.


Apple stock at the time of the first Macintosh’s release was $3.41. If you would have spent the price of a Mac then in Apple stock, the value of that Mac today would be $400,162. And there are some smart people out there who got in the Apple game on the ground floor. Lucky bastards!

Here is Steve Jobs in 1984.



The cool thing about the Mac is that it has mattered for all 30 years of it’s existence. As the years have gone by the Mac has grown, changed, developed, and matured into a very important and valuable piece of machinery. One thing that Apple takes pride in is evolving. The Mac is a prime example of an invention that has gotten better over time. When Apple introduced the Mac, the following companies were in the computer business, Atari, IBM, Compaq, Commodore, and Kaypro. Apple is the only one that remains today. Even IBM, who was always Apple’s rival in the computer game, got out of the personal computer business in 2004. It couldn’t keep up with how fast Apple was growing and improving.

the-evolution-of-the-imac-from-1998-to-today-1Apple has been a game changer when it comes to personal computers. They introduced the Mac laptop, the Power Book,  in 1991. They introduced track balls to the world, that served as the mouse on a lap top. That would later move to a track pad, which is what we have on lap tops today. Macs have also stayed fresh. In 2001, Apple created OS X, an operating system that was fast, chic, and effective. They also moved from power PC processors to Intel processors which greatly improved their product. Apple has never been afraid to take risks or chances and that’s why they have been successful.

In 2004, Apple released the iMac, a full computer built into one sharp flat panel. The iMac is a piece of beauty. Apple eliminated the need for a tower that stores all of the computer hardware and put it all in one device. Pretty clever huh? And consumes space. If you are buying a desktop computer today you are either buying an iMac or one of it’s clones. Again, Apple stayed on top of the game.



Many artists (graphic designers) and musicians have grown to love Mac’s based on it’s capabilities, software, accessibility, easyiness to use, and technological advances. Apples are now becoming more prevalent in schools and colleges, as well as businesses within corporate American.   I happen to own an iMac and it’s one of the best toys that I have. Without the birth of the original Mac in 1984 there would be no iPod, iPhone, or the iPad, so we have to give props to the invention that started this whole Apple craze. Regardless if you are an Apple owner and user or not, you can’t deny the presence this company has had on society. The Mac is an invention that we can all appreciate and blow out a couple candles for. Happy Birthday Macintosh, my how you have grown. Here is to continued success for the next 30 years!


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