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So I survived my first day and night surviving on six only Blueprint juices yesterday. ┬áNow it’s onto day two. This is the hump day of the cleanse. The day after the first day and the day before the last. I can do this!

I had the exact same menu in the exact same order as I did on day one. I did however, get to sleep in a little later than the first day so therefore started my juices a little later which helps me pace a little better and not stress so much about timing them out.

I woke up before my alarm (no surprise there since 7:30 is majorly sleeping in for me (I’m usually up around five) and I knew I wouldn’t make it that late). I actually wasn’t hungry and felt pretty invigorated. I like it!

As I did yesterday and will continue to do tomorrow, I will give you some insight into what goes through this goofy head of mine while all I consume is juice and water.

Day 2:

7:10 : “Good morning to me. Yes, I get to lay in bed a bit before work a bit. And I’m not even hungry.”

7:20 : “A solid poop, well that was unexpected.

7:35 : “Of course I am going to weigh myself. My stomach looks super flat too. This won’t last too long but I can’t say I don’t like it.”

7:55 : “Here we go again. Let’s do this shit. Green juice me.”

9:49 : “The seal has been broken. And so it begins…”

No thank you!!

11:00: : Pineapple juice me. So stinking good.”

11:50 : “Oh look, there’s a weave in the snow. Not something you see everyday.”

11:58 : (At Costco) I will not even look at the samples. Repeat, I will NOT look at the samples. In and out of here. In and out.”

12:45 : “I’m feeling pretty great. Hope this keeps up.”

1:06 : “Green juice again. Blah. Chug, dilute, chug. Repeat.”

1:14 : “Why can’t this whole cleanse be with 6 nut milks a day?”

1:48 : (After talking with my cleansing co-worker about how yesterday went) “How did she not know about what pineapple juice does to the vajajay?”

1:56 : (Other co-worker spills some green juice on her sweater) “Meh, just the green stuff. If that was me and that was the nut milk I would have slurped that right off my shirt. Can’t waste that precious goodness.”

2:24 : “I wonder if I took that ‘Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now pill” if I’d still be peeing as much? Yes, yes I probably would.”

2:33 : “I kind of feel a little buzzed as I sit here reading. Normal, right? Yeah, normal.”

3:02 : “My teeth are feeling kind of grimy. Um, maybe that’s because I haven’t had any food to ‘exfoliate’ them.”

3:15 : “Well I have time to kill so I guess I will walk home again. What Polar Vortex? I’m from Chicago bitch. This isn’t even that cold!”

3:49 : “I do feel pretty freaking fucking great right now”

4:09 : (Walking into Barnes and Noble) “Oh look! Books on diets and detoxes. How ironic. Oh look! Books on Valentines Day. Shoot me now.”

4:12 : (People next to me eating Shake Shack) “Assholes.”

5:28 : “Ugh, Beet juice. How am I going to get this down. I’m full.”

6:12 : “That noise my stomach is making is so not okay.”

6:51 : “Why am I reading food blogs? I mean, really? Idiot.”

7:15 : “Nut milk time. Nut milk time. Nuttttttt Millllkkkk Tiiiimmmmeeeee.”

7:35 : “The Wire time. The Wiiiire. My man Stringer. Oooooh yeah.”

One more day and I’m free and clear. Hopefully of the juices, but also in the body and mind. So far I am feeling fantastic. I am not overly tired, dizzy, or lightheaded. I feel light and positive and I haven’t felt this way in quite a while and that’s what this was all about. However, at the same time, I kind of feel a little buzzed from time to time. Like a little spacey. Kind of like walking on a little cloud, like a “la, la, la” place of floating. I’m still not sure I like that feeling, but I’m running with it. I’m sure it will only increase on the last day of the cleanse and I’m okay with that because, hey, I feel good and know it’s only going to get better from here.

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