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Okay listen up folks… I am a female. And I know and love sports!! (I know I’m not alone here either.)

I love playing sports and I love watching sports. And I make no apologies for this. I was an athlete my whole life (and still consider myself one), so sports have been, and will continue to be a huge part of who I am. Recently, there was an article on Thought Catalog entitled “10 Struggles Every Female Sports Fan Knows.” Basically, it was my life summed up. #TheStruggle.

If you don’t want to go read that article, that’s totally great because you can just stay right here and get MY point of view. I totally agree with all of the author’s struggles and share VERY similar opinions on this matter. Therefore, I am going to use her exact same ten struggles and address them in my own way from my experiences of being a female sports fiend.

1. No, we’re not “into this” to “impress some guy.” Point blank: I like sports for me. I have my teams, my colors, and my pride for them. Growing up in Chicago I am a Bulls, Bears and Cubs fan. And I bleed orange and Blue for the Illini. I watch sports in my sweats on my couch alone and I have gone to a bar alone to catch a game not on cable just to see it. That’s not faking it. At home on most Sundays if I’m not out for Sunday Funday, I will have will have football on the TV and college basketball on my computer. Perfection. Additonally, I run the Superbowl pool and March Madness pool at work. All of these things are most certainly not to impress any guys. I enjoy it.

 2. We don’t need help understanding what’s going on, but thanks for your concern.  I know the rules of the game and I know the players on the teams and I don’t need your unsolicited assistance.  And if I do have a question, I am not embarrassed to ask. Unfortunately, my knowledge can sometimes be an issue with certain (read: insecure) guys. Some guys find it intimidating when a girl knows more about the sport or the team than he does. (If I were them, I’d find that chick to be pretty damn cool.) 

Sidenote: If we are playing sports, particularly basketball and football, I am giving 100% and expect you to do the same. When I’m out here, the playing field is level. And don’t be an asshat when I destroy you on the court. If you find that unattractive, that’s on you. Sorry I’m not sorry.

3. Pink jerseys have their time and place, but they’re far from the rule, because part of the glory is wearing your team’s colors. I am going to have to disagree with her here. There is no time or place for these. Ever.  In a word, they are: disgusting.  I’ve addressed this topic before and am passionate about it. Pink and bedazzled sports stuff should not exist or encouraged. Period. This stuff is gross, tacky, and no real sports fan would be caught dead wearing it. End of discussion. 

4. We know more about a player than whether or not he’s cute. Okay, I must admit, I love me some athletes. They are prime physical specimens who excel at what they do and there is nothing sexier than that. I mean, those football players in those tight, white pants…I can’t get enough. But beyond their looks, I know about their skill too. I mean, its their skill that I do find so fucking attractive. So even as I am drooling over the way they look, I am appreciating what their doing on the court/field/rink.

5. Asking us to talk about stats as if you’re trying to stump us is a lesson in futility. When it comes to sports and pop culture, I am pretty knowledgable. (Need a trivia partner?!?!) However, to be quite honest, most of my sports knowledge is either Chicago-teams related or college basketball related. I am not so much a numbers girl, so you probably could stump me. It’s okay, I can handle it.

6. Order enough food for us, too. Nachos? Yes please. Tator Tots? Get ranch on the side too. And while your at it, I’ll have another beer. K. Thanks. 

7. We will take the game personally. I’ve never been a good loser. I mean, I really, really hate to lose. And I am also not too happy when the teams I love lose either. Don’t even think of telling me “It’s just a game.” I will snap you in half. Please let me mourn for a little while and I all will be well. Obviously it’s all part of the game, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I may or may not have even cried the year the Illini lost the NCAA Championship to UNC. So yeah, you better believe I take this shit personally. 

8. Probing us on whether or not we think something is violent is kind of beside the point. Professional athletes are just that: Professionals. They are being paid handsomely to play the sport we are currently watching for entertainment. They know the risks of their job and accept them, so we should to.

9. No, this isn’t just a “phase.” See #1 please. My dad raised me well (I was the son he didn’t have even though he had one) and one of the things we bond over the most is sports. I am so happy and proud to have that special relationship with my father. He is the one that taught me how to dribble a basketball, toss a spiral, and throw a baseball. He is the man who introduced me to the game I love, basketball and I am forever grateful for that. And because of all he has taught me, I can’t even look at a guy if a dude throws like a girl (The.Worst.) or can’t shoot a free throw. Deal-breaker. Blech. 

10. But in all, you might as well just like the same teams we do. Basically if you root on the same teams as me we will most likely get along. I’m even down for a little shit talking from time to time if you don’t. (As long as my of course, one of my teams doesn’t lose.) I think part of the fun that are sports. Rivalries are great. 

So there you have it, I’m just a normal girl who enjoys her sports. It’s a part of who I am and that will never change. If I were a dude, I would snag me up immediately, especially with March Madness right around the corner. Just sayin’.

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