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So guess what guys? I have a new crush. And his name is FitBit. Fitbit Flex. We’ve only been together a few days now, but I’m crushin’ for sure. Since we’ve been introduced, he hasn’t left my side, so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.

Mr. Flex comes with me everywhere I go and I listen to everything he tells me. He’s pretty knowledgeable and encourages me to stay active and fit (as if I really need that anyway). The only time we are apart is when I tire him out and he has to recharge. Pretty standard.

But anyway, for serious, I recently got a new FitBit and I love it. After hemming and hawing over one for almost six months, I finally caved and bought one. For the lovely price of $99.99 (this price is why I waited to pull the trigger on this purchase), my new piece of jewelry tracks my daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and even my sleep patterns. I’m in heaven.

Seeing all this data in real time (there is a phone app and a computer program for this) and making comparisons is fascinating to me. It might be making me a tad bit of more of a nutcase than usual with my activity, but in the best way possible, naturally. I enjoy making data comparisons day-to-day, looking at weekdays versus weekends, and days I workout versus days I don’t. I like seeing how soundly I slept (or didn’t sleep) based on what the data is telling me versus how I thought I slept. It’s pretty cool. (Turns out I am restless a lot more than even I knew of.)

Although I am already super active and walk a ton, I think this FitBit will make me walk even more because I am a competitive psycho.  The jury is still out though if this FitBit will do more harm then good on my mental state regarding exercise and activity.  In the short time I have had my FitBit thus far, I have been constantly trying to outdo myself each day. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it could test my sanity a bit.

I fear at the end of the day (a non-cardio one), if I don’t hit my 10,000 steps (which hasn’t happened yet) or whatever new goal I set for myself (probably going to increase it to 12,000), I am going to start just walking back and forth in my apartment, running the stairs, or putting on some workout clothes (if I’m not already in them) to head outside for a walk to get it done even if I’m tired, sore, or have an obligation just because of the way my brain is wired to finish what I started. Is that such a bad thing? I’m gonna go with no.

So even though my new crush FitBit Flex and I haven’t been together long, I’m pretty into him and am already enjoying our time together. Time will tell if this is a long term thing but I’m interested to see where it’s going. He makes me want to be better each day and for that, I know I will keep him around for a while.

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