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February is Black History Month, so for the remainder of these next 28 days you will see clips on TV and read in different publications about various contributions African-Americans have made to society. In schools around the country, black history will be studied and assignments may be given out dealing with famous African-American historians and noteables. Yes, this month is important, but it’s somewhat sad that our country has to call out only one month of the year to celebrate diversity. This is something that should be happening all of the time. And the same thing should apply to Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, and other racial/ethnic groups that help make up this great country of ours. ¬†We should constantly be celebrating diversity in this country. That’s what makes America such a great place to live. One group who was eager to discuss the importance of Black History Month with a little bit of humor is the cast of Saturday Night Live. SNL once under mass criticsm for it’s lack of diversity within it’s cast, recently added Sasheer Zamata to join the historic comic NBC show. Zamata first appeared in the Jan 18th episode with Drake, and is definitely ¬†finding her groove with the cast. She along with the other two African-American leads on the show, Keenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah, combined to create a hilarious skit about the important of Black History Month on this past week’s SNL. This will make you laugh. GOod to see Lorne Michaels getting with the times. Check it out here.








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