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I am angry.  I am disgusted.  I am sad.  I am disappointed.  These are all the feelings that rose up inside of me after reading, a few hours ago, that George Zimmerman will fight DMX in a celebrity boxing match.  The announcement came today, February 5th, on what should have been Trayvon Martin’s 19th birthday.  Instead of celebrating his life, however, his family was forced to bare the announcement of a plan to exploit his death.  Make no mistake, that is exactly what DMX, George Zimmerman, and boxing promoter Damon Feldman are doing.

0131-dmx-article-tmz-getty-2It’s been less than 2 years since George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin to death in Sanford, Florida.  No matter what you may think of the verdict or your opinion on how far in the wrong Zimmerman was, the fact remains that George Zimmerman shot to death an unarmed 17 year old boy.  Now, on what should have been Trayvon’s 19th Birthday, Damon Feldman let it be known that he will profit off Trayvon’s death by pitting his killer in a pay-per-Trayvon-Martinview boxing match against a drug addicted hip-hop has been.  It’s honestly disgusting.  Even if you think Zimmerman didn’t mean to kill Trayvon or that it was in self-defense (for the record I don’t believe either of those claims at all, I think it was a truly criminal act), a boy is still dead. You would think, just maybe, that the death of a child, under any circumstances, would deserve a bit more respect and solace.  Instead a group of individuals found a way to both disgrace the tragic death of Martin and make money off of it at the same time.  Don’t believe me?

  1. George Zimmerman was selected as the primary focus of this celebrity boxing match, with no other opponent yet selected
  2. Zimmerman was selected because he’s become something of a “train wreck” tabloid celebrity who generates eyeballs whenever he makes headlines
  3. The only reason Zimmerman has this level of fame is for killing young Trayvon Martin
  4. Feldman then used social media to solicit opponents to fight Zimmerman in this faux boxing match, and drive up media interest for the fight
  5. While Zimmerman reportedly wanted to fight Kanye West, out of 15,000 applicants, former rapper and current tabloid favorite DMX was selected as Zimmerman’s opponent
  6. Contracts are now being negotiated for exactly how much each fighter stands to make

Disgusted yet?  Not completely?

It’s probably because you believe Zimmerman deserves to get beat up.  Or maybe it’s because you believe DMX’s noble claims that he is fighting him “on behalf of every black person who has been done wrong by the system.”  Fair points, if not for the fact that both men will assuredly collect a big pay day to be part of this travesty.  Zimmerman isn’t being impacted by Karma or even revenge, he’s knowingly using his tabloid fame to generate a paycheck.  DMX, who’s no better in this situation, isn’t doing black america a favor, he’s a financially troubled ex-rapper and crack addict who’s getting PAID for his involvement.  Meanwhile, the only people who truly deserve some form of retribution, Martin’s family, are left to watch Zimmerman get rich off the fame he earned by killing their son.  It’s absolutely disgusting.

Trayvon's Father
Trayvon’s Father

However, there is something we can all do.  We can boycott the fight.  We can stand-up and refuse to buy the pay-per-view event, thereby denying all parties any chance at financial gain.  We can say that we’re better then all of this non-sense and we won’t let the death of a child be a chance to profit.  This isn’t a black or white thing either.  It’s a human thing.  I am a white man, and I’d feel the same no matter what the race of the victim or killer were.  No one should even attempt to profit off the death of a child, let alone succeed in doing so.  It is for this reason I say let’s turn the tables on Feldman, DMX and Zimmerman, who are all trying to pull one over on us.  Let’s leave the arena empty.  Let’s leave their pay-per-view paypal account in the negative.  Let’s #BoycottDmxZim, and leave them footing the bill for the entire disgraceful event.


If you’re still not feeling quite ready to #BoycottDmxZim, I highly suggest you do two things.  First, take 10 minutes and read  Rembert Browne’s piece on Grantland discussing the disgraceful nature of this event.  Secondly, take two hours and watch one of the most powerful movies of 2013, Fruitvale Station, and see if you can’t sympathize a bit more with the feelings Martin’s family must be experiencing.  I’ll warn you in advance, it’s a true and an unbelievably sad story.

I’m not asking anyone to protest in the streets, or march on Washington to #BoycottDmxZim.  All I’m suggesting is you NOT give them your money.  Just don’t let a crack head, a conman, and a killer take your hard earned dollars.  If they were begging on the streets, you would shuffle right past them, so don’t let the media hype cover up the fact that they are sad pathetic people trying to beg for your money.  They aren’t better then exploiting a 17 year old’s death to make money, but you are better than that.  I know I am.


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