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skeletor. game boy. hello kitty. predator. thomas the train. mr t. bugs bunny. voltron. mr peanut. batman. teenage mutant ninja turtles. the griswolds. darth vader. mario. optimus prime. power rangers.

What all these cats have in common, is that they make cameos in this week’s Valentine’s Day edition of The Friday Jumpoff.

In yet another hyper creative undertaking, acclaimed music video director Kristian Mercado takes The Griswolds’ “Red Tuxedo” and hands in a cultural pop imprint of the times. It’s young love/lust filled storyline is the sequence of an adderall driven, television parented, dope right brained possessing, pleasure seeking, instant gratification wanting society, and serves as the culmination of how the average 80’s and 90’s childhood went down between the earlobes.

Kristian Mercado

The visuals certainly strike the nostalgia chords. And in a 3am chat with the director Kris, he had this to say about it, “I fucking love the process, I mean it’s all coming from a raw honest place inside of me. The breaks up, the partying, just the art, it’s just who I am at the end of the day. I’m fucking Mario, and Anubis mixed with Ringo Star. Darth Vader rocking the gold. To me my only goal with this piece was to make people smile and remember how it was to love when you where young, and to remember how bitter it was, but how sweet it was too.”

This end result was a collaborated effort, and about the work, lead guitarist Daniel Duque-Perez had this to say,”They were so committed [to the project] that when we got the first draft back from Kris, he even wrote, and I quote, “lots of acid and a breakup later, here is the first draft.” Sounds about right.

So on today of all days, “Red Tuxedo” aptly take us back to the big ball of energy and genuine feelings your youth created. Stay young and stay warm this weekend. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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