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Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show Stephen Colbert

We had to give up today’s OMG Daily, in some way, to Jimmy Fallon, who as of last night is the new host of The Tonight Show.  It’s almost hard to imagine that the guy who laughed his way through every sketch on SNL has come this far in the 6 years since leaving the “not ready for primetime players.”  However, Fallon, with the help of Executive Producer Lorne Michaels, really took off in his role as a late night TV host.  Late Night with Fallon was one of NBC’s most successful programs with audiences 18-35 and the hope is that he can bring that vibe to the 11:30 spot.  Going head to head with ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel should definitely prove to keep things fresh and entertaining, but for right now it’s just about giving JF his props.  He made it to the mecca of late night TV, and brought the show back to NYC where Johnny Carson made it famous.  But as can be seen in the following cameo filled sketch, no one would have put money on Fallon being able to get there.


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