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So yesterday we did a predominantly knee dominant leg day, today we’re doing a predominantly hip and explosive leg day.  Then we’ll leave our legs alone for a couple days.  Also, I did my cardio first because I wanted to: completely shake all the tightness out of my muscles from the day before, and work my muscles while a bit fatigued to build up my muscle endurance.



  • Foam Roll
  • Dynamic Stretching


  • 6 Mile Run

Primary Lift: Power CleanPower Clean

  • 95 lb    x 3
  • 95 lb    x 3
  • 115 lb  x 3
  • 125 lb  x 3
  • 135 lb  x 3
  • 145 lb  x 3
  • 155 lb  x 3

Crossfit Style WOD:  Practicing for Diane.  10 Minutes on the clock, goal is to do 12 rounds

  • 1 Round =  Deadlift 225 lb x 5 + 5 HSPUFroning handstand pushup

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