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The UK has delivered again. The latest export from across the pond that has caught my attention is the band Wild Beasts. These four indie pop heads are no strangers to the music game. They have released three critically acclaimed albums, 2008’s Limbo, Panto, 2009’s Two Dancers, and 2011’s Smother. They are a little bit of a big deal in England. They are set to release their latest album, Present Tense, this Tuesday. The first single from the album is today’s SOTD, “Wanderlust.” “Wanderlust” is a trippy synth ride that sounds like a much darker outtake from Hot Fuss, the Killers first record. I wish the Killers still made music like they did on that album. Maybe they are passing that torch to Wild Beasts. “Wanderlust” has a mixture of sounds to me, it has a some Gary Neuman in it, mixed with some Interpol and a little Depeche Mode. It’s dark, eccentric, and a super cool track. I like the electronic sound that the band is headed in for their latest album. “Wanderlust” is a nice jump off for a new sound for Wild Beasts. Present Tense is their first album without their long-time producer Richard Formby. Sometimes new is a good thing. The bands that have the longest legs in the music game have the ability to change and recreate themselves. With Present Tense, Wild Beasts plan on doing just that. Look out for their new LP. Buzz around the album is strong. In the meanwhile, check out their video for “Wanderlust,” which has a Wes Anderson vibe to it that takes you into another world that’s dark, off center, and uncomfortable, which is exactly what the song does for me every time that I hear it.




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