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It’s a feeling, it’s a heartbeat (2:05).” That’s all life is, one huge, beating heart. And inside all of us is this constant yearning to tap into that element, to live a life in bold, fierce stride, with the rhythm of our dreams.

Now meet B-Girl Terra. At an astonishing 6 years of age, she’s taking the world by storm with her break dancing talent. In her super youth, she already figured out that everyone possess a unique internal greatness, and she’s found a way to make hers shine. Some help from her older musical friends, Jungle, doesn’t hurt either.

Follow your beat this week. Let it the fuck out. Fucking dance, strut, act, sing, write, design, create, program, produce, direct, draw, run, push, pull, tear down, build up and most importantly — tap — into that mind blowing energy that fuels every detailed fragment of your soul.

Get it.

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