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Oh Chris Martin. I gotta let the flood gates open on this one.

You are arguably one of the better songwriters of our time. You have written some amazing songs over the past 10 years. “Yellow,” “Clocks,” “Fix You,” and “The Scientist,” are just a few that come to mind.

You are the singer for one of the biggest bands in the world, (whether that was your intent or not) Coldplay,  that can do whatever you want to musically. You have the resources. You have the creativity. You have the credibility. Your an established and accomplished act who tours well all across the world.

You have a strong passion for music, and you truly respect and love artists that inspire you. U2 and Radiohead are two bands that come quickly to mind. You have been mocked in the past for trying to be these bands or sound like these bands. Sometimes the commentary fits, and sometimes it doesn’t.

You have dropped a new single titled “Midnight,” that’s a decent track, but boy does  it sounds an awful lot like Bon Iver. There’s the auto tuned vocals, stripped down vocals, spacious sounds that are somewhat ghost like, and trippy futuristic vibe. It’s definitely doesn’t sound like your typical pop flared Coldplay. The structure of the song is uncoventonal and the typical pop tendencies that you find in Coldplay songs (catchy chorus, synths or recognizable guitar riffs) are completely absent. To me, it sounds a lot like Justin Vernon creating a hidden track on the last Bon Iver album. There is one thing to pay homage to an artist that you admire or respect, but “Midnight” sounds like Coldplay is biting a chunk out of the Bon Iver apple. Maybe that’s not the case at all. Maybe the band is just tinkering with their sound and are headed in a new direction for the 6th album that is due out later this year. That is yet to be determined.

The song is defintiely worth a listen. The video directed by Mary Wigmore is visually impressive and grand in scope. Tons of cool visuals. Also absent, the faces of the members of Coldplay. However, that move was probably intentional. Check out “Midnight,” and let us know what you think?

Are you ready for Coldplay 2.0?


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