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One thing that you can say about Kanye West is he always keeps it real.

Mr. West is an unapolegtic, polarizing, and fascinating individual. Whether or not you like Kanye, think he’s egotistical, a shovanist, loud mouthed, brilliant, a creative genius, hot headed, or any of the million other words you can use to describe him, the one you have to say is he is entertaining.

Kanye dropped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to give one of his rare television interviews to the new late night host for his second episode. First off, it’s rare that Kanye does TV, especially network television. So he was doing Meyers a solid by appearing on his show for an interview. Secondly, I was surprised by how calm and candid Kanye was during his interview. I think the media really has a thing for Kanye West largely because his mouth gets him into a lot of trouble. But I think he is a misunderstood creative wunderkind. His impact on the music world and on hip hop is profound and unmatched. And he’s been one of the most influential artists in all of music since he dropped The College Dropout ten years ago. He continues to push boundaries musically and grow artistically as an artist with every album that he’s made.

West wasn’t confrontational or adversarial with Meyers at all last night. He seemed like he was in good spirits and happy to be there. Usually in the public limelight Kanye gets on the defensive, but in this situation he wasn’t. The two talked about a number of topics including his Yeezus tour, his SNL appearences, his aspirations with fashion, breaking boundaries within music, and fatherhood.

Check out clips from the interview below

About the Yeezus tour and breaking down boundaries in music.

On fatherhood and making kid friendly music.

On a previous SNL skit where Kanye got to show off his acting chops.

And this wouldn’t be a Kanye West appearance without Yeezy blessing the mic. Kanye performed a medley of his greatest hits from The College Dropout  up through Yeezus. It was a quick reminder to show us how many signature hits this dude actually has.

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