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How can I get the opportunity to square off against Jimmy Fallon in an epic lip sync battle? How much fun does this look? Paul Rudd dropped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon the other night and went toe to toe with Fallon in another installment of the lip sync battle. Rudd kicked things off with Tina Turner’s “Better Be Good to Me.” Which was awesome. Fallon countered with Foreginer’s “Jukebox Hero.” And then Rudd stole the show with his rendition of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

1) Kudos to the song choices fellas. All of these songs are great and completely unpredictable.

2) Look how much fun these dudes are having. One thing about Fallon, he keeps things light and always makes sure his guests and having a good time. And in return, we love those guests more. Props to Paul Rudd for being a great sport.

3) This one wasn’t as good as the epic Stephan Merchant/Joesph Gordon-Levitt jump off, but Rudd’s facial expressions are priceless. Lip Sync Battle with Stephan Merchant, Joesph Gordon-Levitt, Jimmy Fallon

If I were to do this I would have to go with James Ingram’s “I Don’t Have the Heart” or Christopher Cross’s “Sailing.” I could get mid evil on the lip sync tip with either of those two bad boys. What would be your choice to dominate the competition in a lip sync showdown?


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