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Everybody has their own opinions when it comes to the perfect pizza and where to get it, especially if you live in New York, so I’m not going to waste time discussing the classic pies we’ve all depended on to get through the best and worst of times. However, I would like to discuss the best pizza toppings that you can always turn to when you’re looking to spice things up. I hope one day each and every one of these will be readily available at my corner pizza store but until then I will travel great lengths, sometimes across the country, to enjoy them.

1. Egg Pizza


I know this isn’t for everyone; especially people who don’t have taste buds, but I love egg on everything. I’ve never tried a dish that couldn’t be improved with some warm runny yolk engulfing it and I don’t feel any differently about my pizza. The only disappoint that can come from this topping is when there isn’t enough egg to spread around every slice.

My favorite: The Alsazia Pizza at Vezzo in NYC

2. Truffle Pizza

White Truffle Oil

Truffle and cheese is a combination made in heaven. Some truffle oil and a few shaved slices instantly make me fall in love with the pizza at hand (Take note: Leaving truffled things around my apartment is the fastest way to my heart). Don’t even get me started on how amazing this smells. I’ve had more than my fair share of these pizzas around the country and I couldn’t be happier that my favorite one lives on the same island as me.

My favorite: Foccaccia Robiola at Gemma in NYC

3. Lobster Pizza

Looking at this makes me hungry

This list is starting to get a little swanky but I couldn’t leave out lobster as one of my favorite unorthodox pizza toppings. I have to admit that I’ve never actually tried this completely sober and one of my own rules is never to trust your drunk sense of taste but how can lobster pizza not be amazing? I suggest you get out there and find out for yourself.

My favorite: Late Night Lobster Pizza at Berri’s Café in LA

4. Vodka Sauce Pizza

Vodka sauce and prosciutto

I guess this isn’t necessarily a pizza topping but vodka sauce is an incredible replacement for marinara sauce. I love this pink and creamy sauce as the base for any pizza topped with seafood or prosciutto. An added bonus is dipping the crust in the sauce that spills off because after all, vodka sauce is a carbs best friend.

My favorite: Vodka Prosciutto Pizza at Pier 115 Bar & Grill in NJ

5. Pasta Pizza

Truffle and Mac n Cheese – double whammy

I wanted to narrow this down to Mac and Cheese Pizza but then I thought about how rude I was being to penne. Basically, all pasta goes great with pizza if you’re ready for one of the heaviest, food coma inducing meals of all time. It’s also pretty convenient to cover your plain pizza with your favorite pasta and sit back in preparation for a lot of happiness.

My favorite: Truffle Mac n Cheese Pizza at Prime Italian in Miami

I’d love to hear what your favorite unconventional pizza toppings are and you can follow the rest of my food adventures on instagram @SnacksAfterSundown.

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