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While today should be an offday, what fun is that?  If you want to be athletic, lean, and strong you do need to rest, but it doesn’t mean you can’t put in some added work on the side.  So today we did some serious speed work to try and build our explosion and burn some calories.  I can’t breakdown everything we did, but a general outline will give you the format for what you need to do.hqdefault


  • Foam Roll
  • 10 minute bike
  • dynamic stretching

Conditioning Drill 1:

  • 10 minutes high intensity intervals on the step mill.  Your active pace should be very challenging, and rest pace bordering on a walk

Conditioning Drill 2:

  • Speed Ladder drills – we’re going for a max of 20 minutes in ideally 2-3 trips through the ladder in a row before resting.  Change your step pattern every few minutes to change the muscles and footwork that are required.

Conditioning Drill 3:

  • Agility Cones – We did 20 minutes of all out agility work.  5 ->10->5’s as well as box drills which require both frontal and lateral movements

Conditioning Drill 4:

  • All out 30 yard sprints.  We did 10 30 yard sprints with about 20 seconds rest between each


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