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In response to the terrible rumors out there about bottomless brunches being illegal in New York (Thank you to Business Insider for clearing this up:, I have decided to document my favorite brunch spots. Not all of these are bottomless but they still inspire you to pick up a drink or two. It also should be mentioned that I take brunching very seriously and will forgo a Saturday night out for an epic brunch experience any weekend.

1. Paradou


This is hands down my favorite brunch. I love their food with all of my heart and the house champagne really doesn’t hurt. Nothing gets me out of bed on Saturday faster than the thought of a duck reuben and a whole champagne carafe all to myself. This brunch is also great because you can tailor it to your mood. If you want to get out of control and explore some places to hang out and dance around the meat packing then more power to you. However, if you just want to chill with your friends and relax, nobody will be forcing you to get up on tables here.

2. Bagatelle


Oldie but a goodie. Some people don’t love the food and others are over the crowd but you all need to calm down because there is nothing more magical than bringing the best of the nightclub experience to the day time. I’m really too old and mostly too sleepy to keep up with NYC nightlife but if you ask me to drink rosé in a dark environment with intense music at 2PM then I can definitely handle that.

3. Le Bilboquet


This is really the OG of party brunches. If you didn’t get to experience it in the heyday before their location move then I hope you don’t consider yourself a NYC brunch aficionado. You should probably reconsider your weekend life choices as well. Besides the fact that it is incredibly fun, Le Bilboquet stands out for being one of two places in NYC where I like to eat chicken.

4. Millesime


This is my neighborhood go-to spot. I love it here at oyster happy hour but the punch brunch has a special place in my heart as well. You can chose a vodka or tequila punch that goes great with the braised short rib sandwich or the brioche French toast if you want something a little sweeter.

5. Marc Forgione


This is the tamest member of my list but they offer bottomless brunches on Sunday and the food is near impossible to beat. Whether you’re looking for some classic brunch eggs or an impossibly delicious burger with a fried egg on top, you really can’t go wrong here. This is the place you bolt to when you wake up starving but you also feel like a mimosa or five could really hit the spot.

Now go forth and enjoy your weekend knowing that consuming an unlimited amount of alcohol is perfectly legal. You can follow my brunching adventures on instagram @SnacksAfterSundown.

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