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At Jones and B, we are the type of people that try, to steal a line from “Hitch”, “to wake up as though it were on purpose.”  It may be pharrell-oscars-custom-adidas-05Monday, and most of the US may be freezing cold, but it’s still a brand new day and everything is possible.  For our SOTD artist, Pharrell, the only way to live life is like it’s a gift.  Last night, Pharrell continued his “Happy” takeover of all things pop culture, with his performance at the Academy Awards.  His new album, G.I.R.L., which we’ll review later this week, is full of his usual highly eclectic musical taste, but definitely has a seriously positive, upbeat vibe to it.  You can just tell he’s enjoying life.

“Brand New”, featuring Justin Timberlake, has a dope retro feel to it.  It has this 70’s Jackson 5 feel to the music, and the hook, “Good morning, ya got me feelin brand new,” definitely is appropriate for today.  It definitely reminds us that while JT may work predominantly with Timberland, it’s Pharrell who built this dudes career by recognizing the ability to blend those old MJ sounds with JT’s modern swag.  Enjoy people, and get it.




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