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This is hilarious – ever been in a situation where you’re giving a public speech or even just introducing a friend to a new acquaintance, but forget the most important word in the speech or the name of the friend you are introducing? Apparently, that’s what happened to legendary actor John Travolta on one of the biggest stages in the world – the Oscars.

You can see it in his face from the very beginning…it’s that…oh sh*t…I can’t remember her name and don’t have a cue card look. As John continues through his introduction in normal fashion, he slows his speech as if to salvage those last few moments during which you sometimes find that, AHAH!, moment and remember the word or name that is stuck on the tip of your tongue. Unfortunately, the name doesn’t come back to JAN TORVOLTA (see what I did there?) and he is forced to create a fake name, which ends up sounding like the birthchild of British singer Adele and an unknown man who would go by Mr. Dazeem. Check out the major flub below:

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