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Welcome to Dapper Etiquette, the gentleman’s guide to style and attitude.  The holding of a door, carrying of luggage or even simply picking the right restaurant.  Being a true gentleman is about more than just being well dressed, it’s about the entire way a man carry’s daniel-craig-bond-21_20698158himself.  From social etiquette to style, Dapper Etiquette will help provide young men with a guide for being a modern gentleman.  In our first post we wanted to help point young men towards the most important thing a true gentleman has in his closet: The Black Suit.

A black suit is necessary for any man. Whether you’re a janitor, construction worker, engineer, teacher, salesman, etc., there will be times when you need to dress up to a formal event.  You cannot possibly go wrong with a black suit at any event.  It’s classic.  You can work your way into other suits when you’re ready, however the black suit should be the foundation of your formal attire.  Plus let’s be honest, we all kind of feel like James Bond when you put on a great looking black suit.

When purchasing your suit, the price isn’t what makes the suit. Wear the suit don’t let the suit wear you. What I mean is make sure the suit fits. You don’t have to go all out and get a bespoke suit if you’re on a budget, but make sure you aren’t swimming in your suit.  The cut of a suit is everything.  Luckily, today’s mens brands have taken notice of this, and for $400-$700 you can purchase an extremely well styled black suit that will last years.

One of our favorite reasonably priced suit collections are actually the Ludlow series by J Crew.  Their suits are really of a high quality, and come in a variety of different materials from wool, to linen, to the more contemporary “chino”.  Most importantly, however, all of the Ludlow suits are cut really well.  Inspired by the very popular European look, J Crew offers a nice slim fitting suit, but not too slim (skinny). You may have to get the pants altered or sleeves to make it fit better, but other than that they are great.




Another brand to consider, if you want to bump your budget up only slightly, is Ted Baker.  A british based menswear designer, Ted Baker offers a multitude of different black suit options, all with his signature creative inner linings.  His cut is a little bit slimmer than the Ludlow, but still doesn’t go so slim as to feel too uber-stylish.  Remember, the key to picking out a great black suit is simplicity, and confidence.  Good luck picking out your suit, and don’t hesitate to email us with questions or comments.  And follow us on IG @DapperEtiquette.





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