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We all have needs. Sex is a basic human need. So one night I called up someone I’d hooked up with a few times in the past. “Can you do me a favor?” I asked. He showed up with in the hour; I came, I saw and I conquered—and not in that order. That night, two Fuck Buddies were born. Currently, my ideal relationship is that of a Fuck Buddy. I am in a selfish place and I don’t really want to answer to anyone, but I have a very healthy sex drive and I have no problem holding onto someone knowing that I can hit them up whenever I want for a good-photo-1ol-fashion Fucking. I personally am not really into one-night stands because I like to know for certain that the person I’m sleeping with is not a fucking Lunatic. Yes, men CAN BE just as psychotic.

For most women, the Fuck Buddy beats the one-night stand, easy. It’s more in her favor to have a regular Fuck Buddy. The guy gets to know your body and what gets you off. It’s harder for a woman to orgasm if she’s sleeping with a guy for the first time, whereas a guy almost always can. In other words, the “Buddy” aspect is key. After all, Buddies don’t let Buddies not get off. This is not just for women obviously. Men love this, right? The Fuck Buddy is the get-out-of-a-relationship-free card, a pussyport to no-strings-attached sex with unlimited rides. This is a win-win for the women and then men…for a certain amount of time at least!

The average length of a Fuck Buddy relationship is between 1 to 6 months. It can be shorter or longer, but after some time one of you will usually start to get attached and look for something more serious and if you don’t want to provide it they will move on…or they won’t (that’s when they go crazy – whether you know it or not). That’s totally normal and understandable because women biologically get attached. Lots of girls only accept Fuck Buddy relationships because they’re secrectly holding out and hoping that one day she will convert them to full-time Boyfriend. I don’t agree with this. I think you’re setting yourself up for failure and if you’re lucky enough to have a Fuck Buddy, do yourself a favor and just be happy that you have a regular Booty Call. Don’t wreck it because you have this stupid idea that love (or at least like) and sex have to go together. They don’t. In fact, some of the best sex you’ll ever have is with a person you either hate or just met. Or you don’t know them long enough to hate them yet.

I know it sounds simple and too good to be true and the truth is, it can be sometimes, although it shouldn’t have to be. Fuck Buddies are purely to satisfy your sexual needs. The relationship exists for sex and requires a certain amount of sexual maturity and confidence.

When my last Fuck Buddy and I stopped doing what we do best, I was very let down. He didn’t owe me any sort of explanation and I never asked for one, but I was definitely confused. I immediately took a mental inventory to see if I’d done something that would be un-buddy-like: Had I become needy? Had I become jealous? Did I ask him not to see other people? No, no and hells, no. This was strictly a sublet-with-no-option-to-take-over-the-lease situation. So what had gone wrong? What kind of a guy turns down regular duty-free sex. It occurred to me that maybe I was just terrible in bed, but I quickly suppressed that thought. And to preserve my enormous ego, I decided that this must be happening to everyone else, which brings me here…


(To Be Continued….The Rules will be featured on tomorrow’s Blog Post)

P.S. Later on he told me had gotten back with his Ex and wanted to know if we could be Buddies (without the “Fuck” part). Umm…NO! I refuse to be just friends with a well-hung, hot guy like you. After all, I never make a friend without benefits ;) No Benefits, No Buddies!


Jessica Bari   @jessicabari


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