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Kid Cudi continues to be out there. But isn’t that what makes him interesting? The Cleveland, Ohio native multi-entertainer is definitely on his own planet when it comes to music but he finds a way to connect with the masses through his vivid rhymes of despair, pain, light, darkness, and this crazy world that we live in. The stoners and the loners all seem to love Cudi. He is what I would consider an alternative rapper for sure. He is not your standard street emcee. But I think that’s what sets him apart from all of the other emcee’s in the music game. Cudi is in his own zone and it’s a place where he feels free and alive. The evolution of Kid Cudi can be heard on his latest album, SATELITE FLIGHT: The Journey to Mother Moon.  I picked the center track, “Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now,”  from that album for today’s SOTD. SATELITE FLIGHT as an album definitely builds up to this 6 minute opus located in the middle of the album. It features Cudi rhyming and singing in his signature style over a futuristic beat that’s crisp and raw. SATELITE FLIGHT is the bridge between Cudi’s last record Indicud and the third part of his Man on the Moon series. Check out “Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now” by Kid Cudi. It’s today’s SOTD.




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