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I’m not sure if Young Money holds the crown for dopest clique in the game, but they definitely have assembled a talented roster of emcee’s that know how to spit with the best of em. Lil Wayne heads the pact, and few can argue that when Wayne is on his game, that he isn’t one of the most talented emcee’s around. Tyga, has potential. His voice alone makes him an intriguing cat to hear. Nicki Minaj minus the spectacle that she is, is a dangerous emcee. She is the top female lyricist in the game, and in my opinion she has only gotten better as a rapper since her inception. Remember her verse on Kanye’s “Monster.” Yep. Nuff said. And then there is Toronto, Canada’s own, Drake. Aubrey Drake Graham is no stranger to the SOTD stage. He is a multi-talented entertainer that has redefined his own brand of emo hip hop. However, he is still known to drop a hard joint from time to time to still let us know that he shouldn’t be slept on as an emcee. Enter “Trophies,” today’s SOTD from Drake that is featured on the recently released Young Money compilation album¬†Rise of an Empire.¬†The track was produced by Drake’s longtime beat mistro Noah “40” Shebib, and features Drake in attack mode, which is pleasant to hear from time to time instead of the soft sensitive jams he is known for.






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