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Every dude needs a pair of low-tops for the spring/summer.  However, with all the choices out there, I rock one brand more than any other.  Vans.  Vans blur that line between functional skate shoe and classic SoCal style the same way Jordan’s do for basketball shoes and street-wear.  Unlike some other low-tops, you’re never a dick or a stereotype for rocking Vans.  I’ve lived in Europe, NYC, and LA, and there is just something about Vans that is universally cool no matter where you are. Whether you’re rocking denim, a pair of Dickies, or even some board shorts, Vans can finish off any style.  I probably have 5 or 6 pairs, and every few months I give an old pair to charity and pick up a new pair for myself.  Yesterday, cruising past some stores in Soho, I had to grab my next pair.


With a slightly more styled design than the “authentic” that we’ve all come to know Vans for, the new Chima Pro is the ultimate summer low-top.  The wider toe bed, and new “Ultra Cush” liner makes it by far the most comfortable Vans to date. I really wanted to get the all blacks with the cork accents, but they didn’t have a 9.5 in stock.  Buttttttt, rather than wait to order them online I ended up buying these (see above) in the light grey with leather accents.  I mean, they are only $60.  When they get the all blacks in my size, I can afford to go back and get them too.

So get your low-top shoe game right for the summer, and go grab a pair of Vans “Chima Pro’s”.


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