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Welcome back to Dapper Etiquette, the gentleman’s guide to style and attitude.  The holding of a door, carrying of luggage or even simply picking the right restaurant.  Being a true gentleman is about more than just being well dressed, it’s about the entire way a man carry’s himself.  From social etiquette to style, Dapper Etiquette will help provide young men with a guide for being a modern gentleman.

The Double Breasted Jacket:





The double-breasted jacket is the most formal style of jacket a man can wear, and is very typical of the formal “British” look. While they look very nice when worn properly, there is not nearly as much versatility as with a regular sport jacket.  A double-breasted jacket should NEVER be worn open.  Have you ever seen anyone wear a double-breasted jacket open? NO.  The reason is because the jacket is designed to overlap itself, with extra material that looks awkward when the suit is left open.  Because the jacket is meant to be worn closed, you’ll find it a bit uncomfortable to wear while sitting down.  However, a properly cut jacket should be able to wear while seated, although most people do take off their jacket while seated in less formal scenarios.


While the double-breasted jacket is typically a more formal piece of attire for a man, in recent years it has begun to be incorporated into more casual styles.  It has done so as a way of dressing up jeans and/or other more typically casual looks.  The double-breasted blazer has also made it’s way into style as outerwear, and you can find many double-breasted light fall jackets.


One more thing to remember, the double-breasted jacket isn’t for everyone.  Because the suit must remain buttoned, and because of the way the material wraps, the jacket looks best on more slender gentleman, ideally with a significant drop between shoulder and waist.  It creates the illusion of size and strong shape for a slender and/or fit man, but can make a slightly larger gentleman, occasionally, look a bit heavier than they actually are.




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